Roland System 100 Synthesizer Tour

Video blogger Ralph Baumgartl has released another video, in his series of synth vlogs, this time featuring the legendary Roland System 100 semi-modular monosynthesizer.

Synthesist Bernd-Michael Land (Thau) makes a return visit to the series and gives a quick tour and demo of the Synthesizer System 100.

Four units of the classic analog modular synthesizer system are covered:

  • The Basic Unit Model 101;
  • The Expander Model 102;
  • The Sequencer Model 104; and
  • The Mixer Model 103.

6 thoughts on “Roland System 100 Synthesizer Tour

  1. I do like to have a look into someone’s synthesizer cave 😉 but as far as features go,
    the first 9 minutes are basics almost anyone could figure out, just by looking at the synth.
    Much more interesting were the sounds created from 9 minutes on and how they were created.
    The next step could be, how to achieve a certain musical effect, tension, drama, sweetness, dreamlike or trance like effect. 🙂 Ofcourse this is very subjective, but it would be interesting to
    see what discussion could bring to this kind of explorations.
    To me this is what makes sounds come alive and form music.

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