Zero Hybrid Synthesizer For Reason


Blamsoft has introduced Zero Hybrid Synthesizer a modern FM synthesizer Rack Extension.

Featuring six operators with tons of waveform possibilities and a powerful algorithm matrix, Zero Hybrid Synthesizer lets you create unique FM sounds not previously possible in Reason, according to the developer.

Here’s the official video intro:

Zero packs additive, subtractive, FM, and RM synthesis into one flexible and powerful synth.

Six additive waveform generators, called operators, can modulate each other through frequency or ring modulation. There are two multi-mode filters for subtractive synthesis. Low frequency modulation is available through dedicated LFOs and envelopes in the operators, two global LFOs, and a comprehensive mod matrix.

Three hon-board effects; chorus, delay, and reverb, complete the signal path.

Zero Hybrid Synthesizer is available now in the Propellerhead Shop for US $99 through Sept 21, 2015, normally $119.

7 thoughts on “Zero Hybrid Synthesizer For Reason

  1. It looks an arquitecture very similar to Sytrus from IL, but the fact that apears to be single window instead of tabs everywhere makes it more direct and easy to navigate…

    i wonder if this thing can also load the DX7 sys files.

    1. It’s very appealing from a sound design view. Almost everything is right there, upfront. I love Native Instruments FM8 but even it makes we work through tabs to get to various elements. I don’t know how the sound compares yet.

  2. Whoever designed the UI, did a great job, as whenever I watch at the pic, my eyes keep focusing on what is apparently the most important element: very contrast and visible screws in the corners!

    1. They’re there in order to keep it from falling out the rack. Otherwise it might fall out and break when you’re using it.

  3. Uncanny resemblance to BigTick Audio Rhino synth .
    Would love this , ( & Reason Rack ) on IOS .

    Can single cycle waveforms be loaded as Operators ? That would be great .

  4. That’s one of the better FM/additive-capable synths I’ve seen yet. Additive is often a bitch to program, but Zero makes it pretty easy to handle. Added props to the envelope generator, which uses Bezier curves. Next to something that allows you to draw an entire wave with your finger (rather rare), that’s an easy way to get precise multiple stages to behave well. Its not the first big feature on the list, but if you work with it for a while, it becomes weirdly inspiring. You can get standard ADSR shapes easily, but get set for some fun with multiple attacks and releases that bounce slowly to a halt, too. If I used Reason, I’d be right on this one. Nice design all around.

  5. Looks very much like Sytrus but that’s cool, Sytrus is a great synth and worth trying to improve on. Some of the new rack extensions make me wish I had Reason but you can’t own everything.

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