In The Studio With Legowelt

This video, via FACT TV, takes a look into the studio of Dutch producer Legowelt (Danny Wolfers).

In the video, Wolfers makes a track from scratch, using a combination of his own patches and sample packs, a tape player and more. 

You can also download the Legowelt track that he creates in the video, via the embed below:

You can find out more about Legowelt via his site.

11 thoughts on “In The Studio With Legowelt

  1. Fascinating!

    1. An unapologetically digital DX series keyboard is fed into a…
    2. analog modular 303 filter clone and then…
    3. sampled into a laptop running Ableton Live.
    4. The audio is then run through a digital simulation of tape distortion, then
    5. output to an actual analog tape recorder for that warm EQ and saturation…
    6. except the tape recorder is running at high speed, thus…
    7. making it sound hi-fidelity with much less noise.
    8. The tape is then sampled back into Ableton…
    9. to apply more EQ than what was achieved via tape…
    10. then the mastered, re-EQ’d recording is made into a digital file

    I’m dizzy, but it sounds great.

  2. Very inspiring… I often find myself stuck at the plonking around on various keyboards stage designing new sounds for long periods of time. Nice to see someone show “what comes next”.

  3. No Amiga, but a Doepfer modular. I guess, Danny is going with the times. Recording to cassette tape really is something that’s more about the process that it is about the results not being available by other means. If you tweak the EQ and volume faders and perhaps the tempo knob like you can see in the video, it’s really quite an amazing instrument. You feel like you are conducting your own music, more so than if you are doing something similar in, say, Ableton Live.

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