DSP Synthesizers dsp-D8 PCM Drum Chip Now Shipping

dsp-d8-drum-synth-chipDeveloper Jan Ostman of DSP Synthesizers let us know that the dsp-D8 Drum Chip –  a chip for DIY drum machine projects – is now shipping.

The dsp-D8 Drum Chip features a drum kit with 8 sounds and separate trigger inputs. 6 of the sounds can be separately tuned, using 6 analog inputs 0-5v.

“This is the Drumulator or SP-12 in a single chip,” says Ostman.

Here’s a video demo of a dsp-D8 prototype in action:


The dsp-D8 can be used as a soundchip in an analog drum synth or module.



The dsp-D8 is available for US $35. See the DSP Synthesizers site for details.

20 thoughts on “DSP Synthesizers dsp-D8 PCM Drum Chip Now Shipping

  1. this is awesome and im definitely going to be getting me one of these and build me a drum sequencer. question is though.. is there any way to change up the samples? like even with an AVR programmer? or something?

  2. This sounds beautiful, but I’ve got a feeling it’s merely a pre-programmed atmega328 or similar chip. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. His previous synth designs were based on LPC chips by NXP, so I suspect this is also an LPC – it’s a 32-bit device that has a bit more horsepower than the AVR ATMega series. It doesn’t really matter that it’s “only” a microcontroller — similar devices are at the heart of most affordable digital audio devices.

      1. There are (the last time I checked) the sum total of two ARM microcontrollers available in DIP format- the 8 pin LPC810 used in the DSP-G1, and the LPC1114, which is 28 pin, but a wide IC unlike the narrow one seen in the video. Based on the schematic given, those pin assignments look very much like those of an ATMega328P or the like.

        1. Yes, you’re right. The six analog input pins match, and the PWM output is on an OC pin. Would be nice if 4 separate PWM channels had been used so we could mix and pan each channel independently.

          Given that a 328pb costs about $2, I might see if I can whip up my own one-shot sample player with individual outs. MIDI input would be easy, too.

          1. i would love to see that!, the only thing missing from this chip is independent outs for volume control. regardless, i purchased one the day it was announced and im currently building it into a midi controllable drum machine.

    2. Given that it supports 5v, and is in DIP format, my money is on this being a pre-programmed PIC.

      Nothing wrong with that. 🙂

      (Edit: Pinout matches an ATMega8, though.)

  3. Meh, would struggle to use any of those sounds, you may as well get a Teenage Engineering thing with slightly better sounds and a tonne more functionality

  4. Does anyone know how to contact this person ?
    I have ordered his Juno voice nearly one year ago and could never raise him from any of his websites.

  5. It is actually no worse than the original Drumulator or SP-12.

    Being a 20MIPS AVR is no problem because the application does not require a 200MIPS ARM.

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