Roland Aira Eurorack Effects Modules First Look

This video, via MusicRadar, takes a look at the four new Roland Aira Eurorack effects modules, Bitrazer, Demora, Scooper & Torcido

  • Bitrazer combines intense bit and sample rate crushing effects
  • Demora is a high-resolution delay module
  • Scooper combines a single-pass loop recorder and Scatter effect
  • Torcido is designed to deliver ‘classic Roland distortion sound’

The modules are unique in that they can be used  as standalone tabletop effects or incorporated into Eurorack systems. They also can have their internal signal flow repatched, using the AIRA Module Customizer.

The modules have street prices of about $300 apiece. See the Roland Aira site for more info.

5 thoughts on “Roland Aira Eurorack Effects Modules First Look

    1. If the info on the above link is correct, that’s the most exciting news on synthesizer modules I’ve heard in years! Looks fantastic!!! I’m one of those users who falls between the ‘real keyboardist’ type who requires a full-size keyboard and a ‘DJ generation’ type who works with pad controllers (or iPads, for that matter). I need keys for the feel of playing music but I don’t need proper-size ones. At the same time, I’m fed up with the hassle of trying to connect computer peripheral mini-keys to synth modules working only with DIN MIDI as one then has to add in yet another module for power and communication and the ergonomic issue of balancing several things on one’s lap. This has the fun of interchangeable modules yet also the neatness of an all-in-one synth when any one is put into the keyboard dock. Brilliant!

  1. Nice demo of the demora. I(quite sadly) am desperate for a bit crusher, so if that video makes it seem easy to use I’ll prolly get one. Eventually.

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