Fyrd Instruments SQR Analog + MIDI Sequencer


Fyrd Instruments today shared a new preview of their SQR sequencer – a 4-channel desktop sequencer that you can use with MIDI or modular rigs:

Here’s what Fyrd has to say about it:

The SQR sequencer is our entry in the modular world. This 4-channels desktop sequencer is very adaptable: you can use it with MIDI gears or modular rigs, you can play it like a classical 16-steps sequencer or go crazy and use the probabilistic approach on top of an innovative stage behavior sequencer, you can sequence on 4 monophonic channels or easily compose a 4 voices polyphonic exotic chord, you can sync it with MIDI or an external clock signal from your modular rig or use its internal clock, to name a few.

Apart from its powerful features, the greatest strength of the SQR is its ability to help you visualize what you are doing. Its big and easy-to-read led display can show you every variations in your sequence, from individual gate lengths to pitches and octaves, from individual slide lengths to chord names or step probabilities. Everything is clear and hands-on: you have direct access to all the essentials parameters and you can visualize everything instantly.

Here’s an earlier demo:


    • 16-steps with individual control of pitch, octave, gate length, gate probability, slide length and stage behavior
    • 4x CV/Gate channels with mono- or polyphonic control (chords)
    • quantized or unquantized CV outputs (0.01V steps) with MIDI CC sequencer selectable for each voice
    • 16-stages behavior sequencer: for each stage you can either play it normally or skip it, stay blocked on it for up to 16 steps, create a trill (up to 8 notes per step) or jump to any other step of your choosing
    • selectable shapes for the slide between two notes (exponential, linear, logarithmic)
    • selectable scale for pitches and chords
    • selectable CV offset or min/max values per channel
    • for each channel: loop-in/loop-out, warp mode (forward, backward, ping-pong), step duration (1/32th to 2 bars)
    • 3x sync modes: internal (with or without MIDI clocks out), external clock (for modular rigs, can output MIDI clocks at the same time) and MIDI (analog clock available)
    • selectable per-channel clock divider for all sync modes, both for input and output clocks
    • RUN and RST i/o for complete control of the transport
    • 32x slots in memory for saving/recalling one complete sequence (including options) and 8x slots for saving/recalling an entire scene (4x complete sequence).
    • firmware updates via USB

The first 50 SQR sequencers are expected to be available by the end of August, priced at 499 € (excl. VAT). Once the first batch is sold out, the pricing will be 599€. See the Fyrd site for details.

14 thoughts on “Fyrd Instruments SQR Analog + MIDI Sequencer

  1. I need one. This is brilliant. I’ve always thought that an advanced sequencer would slay it in the electronic music world; Doepfer got close with the Dark Time, then you had the Pyramid, the Faderfox SC4 and the range of sequencers Arturia were doing, but this is up there as an instrument for the new era. Bang on job.

    1. Not sure if this is better than the pyramid or the engine. still only 4 independent sequences, a bit like the 2 from the beatstep pro. great sequencer nevertheless

  2. Looks realy cool but you might want to update the article with a photo that you can cleary see the product in. The photo on their webpage is much clearer.

  3. I bought the MTRX-8 from Fyrd. It’s my favorite piece of equipment. He really makes intuitive instruments.

    I’m going to have to check this out.

  4. OMFG. It’s 2015! There’s absolutely no reason to only have 16 steps. That alone makes it another toy sequencer. Considering all the options in eurorack for the same price . . .

  5. Agreed 16 steps is a bit minimal “in this day and age” but really this was obviously not designed to play multi bar melodies. Although with creative use of the loop points, ratchets, CC/CV track outs, and pattern chaining you probably could. I see this a great piece to integrate midi with CV world, and hope it can be controlled via MIDI (basic stuff, track start stop/volume).. Also, a poster mentioned above that its polyphonic. well -kinda. you can use all 4 tracks at once to set up a single polyphonic track. Should be fun when it drops, the latest word is mid October.

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