Moog Minifooger Drive On Synthesizer

This video, via HardtekStudios, captures the unboxing and testing of the Moog Music Moogerfooger Drive with Korg Volca Bass synthesizer. 

The MF Drive is an overdrive effects pedal that incorporates a Moog lowpass ladder filter.

Technical Details:

Volca Bass recorded going thru the MF Drive into Logic, with no processing. What you hear is what came out of the MF Drive.

5 thoughts on “Moog Minifooger Drive On Synthesizer

  1. I use this on synths too. I like the way it sounds with tone closer to 3:00, less muddy. The filter is controllable by CV as well, which is great. I tried this pedal on my guitar, and although it can sound good, the decay is weird. That’s not a problem on synths though.

    1. Yeah, he pretty much killed all dynamic range and clarity of sound there present. Sounded too muddy and flat, in unpleasant lo-fidelity way.

  2. Sounds great on synths, with drive right around 8:00 (almost no drive), the drive switch down, the peak switch up (resonance), tone between 2:00 and 4:00 (unless you want TONS of bass) and filter to taste. As mentioned, the filter can be CV controlled, so hook it up to an LFO or envelope or mod wheel or expression pedal or whatever, and then you have a cheap Moog filter at your hands.

    Love it on guitar, too, mostly as a dirty boost, but can get really heavy distortions, and weird fuzz-wah sounds, too. The last band I played bass in, I never turned the MF drive off.

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