Three Big ‘Verb Pedals Compared: Big Sky, Polara & Splash MK3

This video, via sonicstate, compares three effects pedals that specialize in big reverbs: the Strymon Big Sky, Digitech Polara and Crazy Tube Circuits Splash MK

In the video, Richard Beech compares how each of the ‘verb pedals sound with guitar. But these pedals – especially the Strymon Big Sky – have also found a home in some keyboard rigs.

11 thoughts on “Three Big ‘Verb Pedals Compared: Big Sky, Polara & Splash MK3

  1. The splash does sound warmer, it’s funny every digital pedal I’ve had I want to get rid off, I don’t connect with it, maybe the splash is for me, and the big sky needs to head to eBay.

    1. i thought the same. The Strymon pedals can do such a lot but i never connect with them. (i thought this too of the H9 , but this seems to “inter-react” somehow with the signal fed in. with one synth it sounded so so, with another it was grrreat. A friend, guitarist, said he experienced the same). But the Strymon sound somehow just sound always “made-up”. Funny, because before Strymon, when they were DAMAGE CONTROL they sounded so good. The Damage Control Multi FX “Glass Nexus” Pedal has’not as much tricks as the “Big Sky”, but what a sound. Unfortunately impossible to get for some reason.. Another reverb i like is the Supernatural by digitech, it’s like vintage Pink Floyd in a small box. But the SPLASH also seems to be really nice. BTW: if you have not yet, try this: put really DIFFERENT kind of effects on left and right. reverb on one, chorus on the other. bit reducer on one, delay on the other…. can be very nice and sp(e)(a)cial.

  2. Seriously, I don’t think I can buy any of these products without a full 88 key weighted keyboard and CV patch points. Also, the knobs aren’t backlit and are without a built-in servo control option.

    I think I’ll wait until the software guitar is perfected with the brain wave UI to play these, I mean, physical movement is so last decade.

    I wish these companies would stop limiting us to mere reality.

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