IKEA Hack Turns Toilet Paper Roll Holder Into Modular Synth Case


We’ve seen some strange synth-related IKEA hacks, but this one wipes away the rest – a 9U Eurorack modular synth case, created from a modified IKEA ENUDDEN Toilet Paper Holder.

Here’s a photo, right, of the original ENUDDEN Toilet Paper Roll Holder.

The modular synth case hack takes three of the ENUDDEN Toilet Paper Holders and turns them on their side and adds metal cross-bars to hold them in place.

Power Rail Kits from Doepfer were added.

Unfortunately, the write up at Ikea Hacks does not provide much more in the way of details. If you have additional information, leave a comment below!

See below for additional photos of the ENUDDEN Toilet Paper Roll Holder Eurorack Modular Synth Case Hack:





28 thoughts on “IKEA Hack Turns Toilet Paper Roll Holder Into Modular Synth Case

  1. How many hp are those? i dig it

    ikea site says height is 28″, so would that be 140hp? i am guessing that is the total height with handle, curious what the height is without the handle

  2. i think someone went to the toilet with his new eurorack module so siting next to the toilet-paper stand, and holding the module, tata.. LAMP

  3. Why would you spend all that money on modules and then put them in a shit paper rack? Has anyone built one out of old Erector Set parts?

  4. NIce eye for hacks. As long as he doesn’t take it apart/put back together more than twice, it should last a while.

    IKEA (at least here in the US) is notorious for getting rickety the minute you use a screw more than once. I’ve moved enough to know this first hand, lol.

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