Moog Sub 37 Vintage Funk Patch Library

Mike Pensini Music has released the Vintage Funk Sound Pack for the Moog Sub 37 synthesizer. 

This pack contains 10 individually programmed vintage funk sounds in SYSEX format.

Included in the pack is a PDF Installation Guide as well as a description of each of the custom patches.

The are available currently for $9.90 AU.

Note: You must have a Moog Sub37 and access to a PC or Mac to use these patches.

11 thoughts on “Moog Sub 37 Vintage Funk Patch Library

  1. The playing is funky and the sounds are very pleasant!

    However, SELLING mono synth patches for an easy-to-use 1:1 control surface synth? I don’t blame Mike for trying. But If you really can’t understand what you’re hearing and how you’d re-create it, you really have no business owning a Sub 37.

    And if we see any synth newbies strutting the synth streets at night with mint-condition tribute editions, the last sound y’all will hear won’t by a funky worm lead but the sound of cheap 12db Korgs and switchblades.

  2. I have no problem buying patches for complex sofsynths that have ridiculous synthesis capabilities and complexity, but somehow buying patches for something where there are one-to-one controls seems funny to me. I found the Sub37 easy to program and the front panel knobs lead to a lot of serendipity when trying to arrive at sounds. But if you need instant gratification more power to you I guess.

  3. Or about $7 USD. Just from watching the video, before knowing the price, I was thinking to myself, 10 patches on a Sub 37, yeah, I could see someone charging about $1 USD. As a donation.

  4. Wait, ….I will gladly make you banks of 12 patches for $5 a pop. Do you need any sequences for your Pro 2? Arpeggiator samples? How about sounds for your Prophet 12?

  5. Haha. You guys crack me up! I had a large amount of requests over YouTube to sell the sounds I programmed for my videos (for a lot more money than I ended up charging) so I’m simply supplying a demand!

    The substantial amount of emails from customers getting much joy out of the pack is enough proof for me – who are we to judge who should buy what synth and how they should use it?

    If you’re having fun, knock yourself out!

  6. Has it ever occurred to you complainers that some musicians are not interested in synthesis and are instead using the best instrument they prefer? This means they need pre-made sounds, or starter patches to tweak. $10 is nothing to add on to a $1300 synth.

  7. Or that some of us are busy pros who just need good sounds quick, because time is money? These are gold, thanks Mike.

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