A Granular Synthesis Soundscape

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via , captures his performance of Constanze M 757 – a modular synth soundscape featuring granular synthesis. 

Here’s what Speer has to say about the technical details:

Clouds, scanning through two seconds’ worth of “Requiem;” RF Nomad peering into the shortwave; homemade inductor amplifying a phone’s thought process.

16 thoughts on “A Granular Synthesis Soundscape

    1. Thanks for spamming your site on a completely unrelated topic, bro.

      +++ BREAKING NEWS +++

      It’s not ‘OFFICIAL.

      It’s not an MPC

      It’s another ‘leak’ designed to generate buzz about something that’s not very exciting.

      It’s going to be a new version of the MPC Studio midi controller…..

  1. can anybody tell me the setup he is using ? Im looking to get into modular and was curious about the cost of something like this . . .

    1. Tip Top uZeus – $85
      Expert Sleepers Disting – $175
      Make Noise Brains – $120
      Make Noise Pressure Points – $215
      Evaton Technologies RF Nomad – $179
      Mutable Instruments Clouds – $359

      With Mixer
      Mixer – Behringer Xenyx Q502USB – $59.99
      Small noisemaker – Unknown

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