16 Classic Hits On The Stylophone

This video, via Steve Cain, features ’16 classic hits’, played on the Stylophone

The Stylophone, originally introduced in 1968 by Dubreq and remained in production for about 10 years. It was reintroduced in 2007 and is available via Amazon and other retailers for about $20.

In 2012, Dubreq introduced the Stylophone S2 – a ‘fully spec’d’ analogue synthesizer that features the traditional Stylophone-style keyboard.

10 thoughts on “16 Classic Hits On The Stylophone

  1. Those sounds bring back some painful memories but it’s funny how Linkin Park actually sound better on the stylophone..

  2. This completely made my day. I laughed my ass off! Thank you synthtopia. Love your taste.

    (by the way, i play a mean barry manilow’s copacabana on my Korg Monotron…. just sayin’).

  3. Just wanted to give credit where due, this was a comment by a fellow going by Roland Moog on a post I made about having recently bought one.

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