iPad DAW, MultitrackStudio, Adds Audio Unit Support

Bremmers Audio Design has released an update to MultitrackStudio for iPad, adding support for Audio Unit effects and MIDI instruments.

Here’s what’s new in MultitrackStudio for iPad 2.3.1:

  • Supports iOS 9 Audio Unit effects and MIDI instruments. Note: presets and automation are currently not supported.
  • Some bug fixes.


  • Up to 16 audio/MIDI tracks, audio tracks can be mono or stereo.
  • Editors: audio, pianoroll, drum, score, MIDI controllers, timesig/tempo and song.
  • One effect return section.
  • One master section.
  • Three effect slots per mixer section (two for MIDI tracks).
  • Effects: Automated Fader, Chorus, Compressor, DeEsser, Echo, EQ, Flanger, Guitar Amp, Master Limiter, Noise Gate, Phaser, Reverb, Rotor, Saturator, Stereo Imager, Tremolo, Tuner and Vibrato.
  • MIDI instruments: MultitrackStudio Instruments (General MIDI compatible), SoundFont Player, Matrix Sampler, up to four Virtual MIDI Apps and one CoreMIDI output device.
  • Supports Inter-App Audio effects and instruments.
  • Supports Audiobus (acts as output in Audiobus app).
  • Supports Audio Unit effects and instruments (iOS 9).
  • MIDI sources: onscreen keyboard (keyboard, chords, drum, matrix and various string layouts) and one CoreMIDI input device. Supports Bluetooth LE MIDI.
  • Audio sample rate: 44.1 or 48 kHz.
  • Imports .wav, .aif, .mp3, .mid and various other audio file types.
  • Exports .wav and .mid files.
  • Import/export audio/MIDI via AudioShare, General Pasteboard, iTunes File Sharing or email.
  • Imports/exports .zip file containing all files needed to open song, compatible with MultitrackStudio for Windows/OS X.

MultitrackStudio is available fro US $29.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used the new version and tried out its Audio Unit capabilities, leave a comment and let us know what you’ve tried!

3 thoughts on “iPad DAW, MultitrackStudio, Adds Audio Unit Support

    1. Hanzbirger – good question!

      The app is multiplatform – Windows, Mac & iOS – and the image we used was one that they used to illustrate the app on their site.

      We updated this to be a gallery of images for the iOS version, to avoid confusion.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  1. I bought this app and the IAP for advanced (pro) features. No regrets. It is a fantastically powerful app. There aren’t many apps that support any time signatures, changing time-signatures, and tempo maps.

    MTS is a DAW that does so much and has a very effective workflow. It is great with audio, great with MIDI editing, and has decent built-in sounds and effects for sketching.

    I check the forums about once a week and the developer does respond not only to posts on the forum but adds requested features fairly often.

    He added grab handles for MIDI graphic editing that work great.

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