Moog Mother 32 Patch Demos

Moog Music shared this video demo of their new Mother 32 semi-modular analog synthesizer.

The Mother 32 synth can be used unpatched as synth module, as a stand-along semi-modular synth, or as a part of a Eurorack modular synth. These demos explore the possibilities of using three Mother 32 synths together and in combination with other Eurorack modules. 

eurorack-modular-synth-cases-and-standIn June, Moog Music traveled to Arcosanti urban laboratory to take part in FORM, a three day ‘happening’, curated by Hundred Waters. With three Mother-32 prototypes on-hand, visiting artists Kyle Dixon and M. Geddes Gengras created soundscapes in the landscape of Arizona’s high desert.

In the video, Gengras uses a discrete Mother-32 and Minifooger Analog Delay to experiment with FM applications and LFO modulation routings. Dixon integrates a pair of Mother-32s and a duo of Minifooger delays with his personal Eurorack case, using the 4ms QCD to clock each of the Mother’s sequencers independently.

The Mother 32 has a street price of $599. See the Moog site for more information.

46 thoughts on “Moog Mother 32 Patch Demos

  1. all i can say is , keep those modules comming moog. we need some moog delay euro or i want it at least so please keep new stuff coming in eurorack

  2. It does have a distinctively Moog analog sound, which is lovely. 2:16 sounds very much like a sound I built on the Sonic Six. Nice.

    1. What are you talking about? They just recently released 3 MU synths (System 55, System 35, Model 15) and now this Eurorack… so with those, along with their fixed synths, they’ve got all bases covered now.

      1. Making a $600 module is very different than offering $35,000 systems.

        The Mother 32 looks like a killer synth and would be insanely popular among MU/dotcom users, if all they did was reformat it for the larger size at a slightly higher price. And there’s no technical reason that they couldn’t do this – they just don’t want people to think about the fact that they’re selling old module designs for 10 times what equivalent modern designs would cost.

        1. 10 times the cost? What kind of bullshit is that?

          Would you be as kind as to show a $59 equivalent modern analog vco-vcf-vca-envelope-lfo-sequencer synth module?

          That moog, them greedy bastards!

    1. My though’s exactly ! Some people choose to stay in their safe little cocoon, whilst others choose to
      leave the cocoon, expand their beautiful wings, and explore. I

      1. “My though’s exactly ! Some people choose to stay in their safe little cocoon, whilst others choose to
        leave the cocoon, expand their beautiful wings, and explore.”

        Winner of ‘Comment of The Year’ in the Condescending Ignoramus category! Nice work dude!

  3. I think perhaps you are missing the point of eurorack – you can build anything, and there is more innovation, hacking and novelty in eurorack modules than the VA obsessed VST world. Combine this single voice module with some make noise, some MI, 4ms etc and you will have a ‘unique’ synth voice, stop waiting for someone else to invent something new, get a eurorack and Make your own unique synth that sounds the way you want a synth to sound (which can now, if you wish, incorporate the spund of Moog)

    1. Yep, it’s all the extra routing points that make the difference in modular. I was just having a daydream about building a sequence on a Mother-32 and sending the output to my Moog Minitaur filter CV.

  4. the modular bubble is still expanding exponentially but in time it will deflate as market saturation reduces sales (its a fact of consumer goods). i just wonder if companies like moog who have invested a lot of its resources in to the modular platform will survive. one things is for certain a lot of the smaller boutique companies will go which will be a shame, but what will be interesting to see is who out of those small companies becomes the next moog or DSI.

    this post is just a ramble of of scattered thoughts from my pillows edge : )

    1. i am not sure if smaller boutique companies will go, might also be that they benefit from big companies going modular and people start getting into modular because they can start with an affordable (semi-)modular system. for me the microbrute was the first contact with CV/Gate, and that made me interested in modular systems, then an erebus (semimodular)…and now i have started to build my first eurorack system….and once started it´s hard to stop.
      on the other hand there seem to be so many modular modules on the market, that i wonder who will buy all those modules…but it seems that people do so. i am not sure if the big companies will really get into the modular market, they try to get their piece of cake from the bubble for now, but modular (in my eyes) still seems not to be that what people want nowadays…too complex and expensive in times of ipads, midicontrollers and daw´s with tons of plugins…also it seems that people want smaller/mobile units…so mobile modulars will be the big thing…we have our computers already in the pocket, so where is the hardware to it…ok…sorry i drifted away.

    2. Considering Moog started the modular synth in the 60s and then came back strong after the modular downturn in the 80s, I don’t think they have much to worry about.

      As far as Euro going away…it won’t. Some companies will, but the format will not. The so called bubble has be going since the mid 90s. Bit long to be just a fad.

    3. …in the end i think modular boutique companies should be happy about new customers. even if the “modular scene” is not happy about all those newbies and wannabees (me included..;-)…but hey it´s about having fun with music and the gear that you use..isn´t it?

  5. WOW…the most impressive and unique sounds I have ever heard from a Synthesizer. I’m gonna stumble over myself trying to get one of these in my studio so I can transport myself back to the

  6. Personally, I don’t care if the timbres are reminiscent of the 1970s or the 1870s. Good music is good music, it sounds gorgeous and I want one.

      1. i agree completely.. it doesnt matter if music is made on pot and pans, analog synths, digital behemoths, acoustic instruments or some high-end digital DAW… the result is what counts!

  7. I wasn’t so sure about this, but when I saw the guy playing it outside I was sold. Super nifty. I also do that a lot with my gear, especially in autumn, when the chance of rain is so low. Studio’s are too mainstream anyway.

    Nice synth by the way 🙂

  8. I’ve had one for a few days, and man, it is absolutely fantastic. I can’t stop playing with it. I’m definitely getting a second. And I’m not even really a ‘modular guy’. The sound is superb, the routing options are seemingly endless, and the sequencer is pretty powerful and easy to use. Moog instruments are just quality pieces, period.

    All of the haters complaining about it sounding like the 1970s – yeah, sure – it’s a bit of a throwback style of instrument, but it’s got a gorgeous sound. I’d suggest you may feel differently if got your hands on one and heard it in person. It’s more fun than you might think. And sure there’s plenty more ‘modern’ synthesis technology all over the place, but it’s still all subjective when it comes to what sounds you find pleasing. It’s like saying “why would I get Massive, unless I just want to make Skrillex sounding music?” Maybe some people DO just want to make Skrillex sounding music. Whatever. To each his own.

    1. Why is it there are people out there that calls anyone that doesn’t subscribe to
      their point of view on something is instantly labeled a ” Hater ” ? Personally, I think using the term ” Hater ” is a bit overdone and infantile. Grow up.

      1. The haters that dismiss every piece of new gear that comes out – because it has a retro sound, or because it’s digital vs analog, because it’s got mini keys – add absolutely nothing to the conversation.

        There have never been as many great synths available, as affordable, as we have now. I feel lucky every day to have a few vintage synths, some nice modern synths and a basic modular system. It’s better than I ever hoped for.

        The Mother 32 is the best affordable synth that Moog has ever done and it’s Euro and it’s deeply patchable. It’s exactly what people have been asking for, plus some extra bells and whistles.

        So yeah, if the most intelligent thing you have to say about it is a lame attempt at criticizing classic analog sound, you’re probably a hater, clogging up the comment section with your self-gratifying wankery.

  9. Who needs Tangerine Dream?

    I do however have a sneaky suspicion that that Mother 32 will become Moog’s second biggest selling product bar the Minimoog. I mean a [semi] Moog modular for under 500 notes?! Every fourtysomethings wet-dream!

  10. Are there any demos of this synth that aren’t completely drowned in reverb and delay? A wet fart will sound great with the right effects. Having zero demos of this thing’s dry sound makes me wonder if this isn’t all that.

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  11. Can anyone point me to a demo of the accent and slide on the sequencer?

    I don’t need a 303 copy but I may replace my TB 3 with this.. if it can do what I want.

    1. I don’t have any direct experience with 303 programming, but I am getting some very 303-esque stuff out of it based on what I know about the sound. It seems that they may have intentionally included the accent/glide for that very reason. Also the ‘ratchet’ function of the sequencer is a very cool bonus. BTW you can momentarily add any of these things to a step on the fly while the sequence is playing, which is a super cool performance bonus.

  12. The very first sound I hear clearly has a delay effect on it. This synthesizer does not offer onboard delay. Stop it. Please. If I wanted to hear a demo of your delay pedal, I’d go looking for a demo of your delay pedal.

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