Multi-Platform Modular Soundscape

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Paul Normand Lebel (A Box In The Sea) captures a multi-platform modular soundscape performance, Crystalline Plasma Radio Waves.

Lebel’s performance combines hardware synths & samplers, modular synth and touch-based sample mangling. 

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details of his performance:

I used two Barcus Berry contact microphones to sample this extremely simple music box I made from a 5 dollar player I bought on amazon. It comes with a hole punch to make your own chords and melodies. Each mic is processed through it’s on convolution reverb before being sampled via the Octatrack, Samplr and the WTPA2. The WTPA is being triggered by Medow Physics (controlled by the Monomer grid). This gets sent through the modular for processing via the 4ms SMR, Clouds and the Erbe Verb. I’m using a Korg Nano to mix the volumes of all 3 outputs (via the ESX 8CV) to create the textures. It took me hours to record this because I got so lost in all the textures the Medow Physics/WTPA/Modular were making.

Samplr is routed through the Cocoquantus and played live. The OT is running 6 chopped up versions of the sample which I’m constantly mixing with another Korg Nano.

8 thoughts on “Multi-Platform Modular Soundscape

      1. Thanks Costo!
        Actually, I didn’t use a sampler at all. The music box fragment was directly recorded into (an otherwise empty) ableton session, and plays there as is for the rest of the performance. All textures and development is done with an array of chained audio effects which I controlled via faderbanks.

  1. This was really good. I enjoyed the textures and creative use of gear. It’s really a shame that the Synthtopia community does little to support the artists that take the time to post their work. Everyone goes crazy over any little post about a new synth, but they largely ignore any art that is made with it (within the community). Every Sunday we get these cool little glimpses into our fellow artist’s studios and workflow and no one really seems to give it a look/listen. Give these guys a chance, many of them are quite talented.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, as I have often pondered on this.

      Maybe, others should try and not be so terribly primal in this regard – the small man likes to see his fellow small man flounder, for within paying homage he may take the flourishment thy own self deserved – which is pure monkey brain stuff.

      A gratified monkey brain pays no dividend towards anyone – always ask yourself what the big man would do.

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