Roland Boutique Epic Ambient Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Swedish synthesist Jouni Ollila (ollilaboratories), captures a live performance that explores the capabilities of the new Boutique synth modules.

Here’s what he has to say about the setup:

So, what is better than playing one of the new Roland Boutique synths? Playing ALL three of them at the same time of course! Seriously, I have not had this much fun in ages.

I set up three independent patches, JX-03 with a slow attack fifth pad, the JU-06 with a slow PWM lead .. and finally the JP-08 with a complex sequence pattern.

I am adding a fair amount of delay and reverb on this patch, using two Zoom MS70’s.

13 thoughts on “Roland Boutique Epic Ambient Synth Jam

  1. It is still beyond me why so many people order the complete set of 3 ??? I can imagine getting two of a kind for 8 voices, but don’t let me spoil your fun.
    In any case, this is an exiting video and an exiting audio track, demonstrating what these 3 little boxes are up to, which is beyond expectation i.m.o.
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. That’s a lot of sound from not a lot of synth. Sounds gorgeous, very ‘Vangelis-y’.

    The MS70 sounds fantastic, too. How does it compare to some of other other reverbs, when it comes to working with synths?

  3. Because not everyone plays/synthesizes like you. And many people just want the diversity of sound from the different units, even if they only offer 4 voices of polyphony each.

  4. First Boutique demo I *really* like, maybe also thanks to that Zooms. 🙂 Satistied owner of System-1, I will wait what happens next from Roland though (NAMM?).

  5. Sooooo good!
    It sounds big, rich and fat (to my hears anyway)

    Great performance of Jouni, that’s the best demo possible for the new Roland little thingies

  6. Nice performance!

    This drives home a few points for me:

    These instruments can sound great in the right hands.

    Musicians > Purists

    Roland needs to hire guys like this to do their demos, instead defaulting to the usual EDM/Dubstep knockoffs.

  7. Great jam. I just got a JP-08 and the teeny kbd on Friday, and I’m having a LOT of fun with it.

    Dumb question: what is the laser light show gizmo that you’re using in the vid?



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