Make Noise Intros $250 Powered Skiff Eurorack Case

make-noise-skiffIn 2009, Make Noise introduced their original Skiff Eurorack case, to complement the vertically oriented cases available at the time and provide an ergonomic enclosure for the René and Pressure Points touch controllers.

Today, Make Noise has introduced their new Skiff case, designed to be a low-cost but durable home for Eurorack synth modules. It offers 104HP width x 3U space, +/- 12VDC and 5VDC. make-noise-skiff-case


  • Ships ready to use. Just add modules, patch cables and inspiration.
  • Black Powder Coated Aluminum
  • 40 Sliding Square Nuts, 40 Black M2.5 Screws
  • Side Mounted On/Off Switch & 2.5mm Power Jack
  • Logo Illuminates to indicate power status
  • 5V Power Rail Included
  • Eurorack Bus Compatible
  • Universal AC Power Adapter works world wide

The Make Noise Skiff is priced at US $250. If you’ve already got a power supply, you can get just the case for $99. See the Make Noise site for details.

10 thoughts on “Make Noise Intros $250 Powered Skiff Eurorack Case

  1. that’s a pretty good deal. just parts for a powered case tend to run me about $150 to $200 (rails, power supply, bus boards, hardware), assuming the actual enclosure is free (wood, old briefcase, suitcase, rack, whatever). If you have to actually buy an enclosure it would hard to build something for less than $250.

    building your own custom cases gets addictive though.

  2. It’s about time someone filled the inexplicably vacant market niche of an affordable, entry level eurorack case. Getting into euro has always felt like jumping in the deep end, but this is just the perfect balance between HP and price. I bet this product will push a whole lot of people off the fence.

    1. How is that a skiff case? The whole point is that they are less deep to be sued on their back rather than upright like a traditional case.

    2. That’s 390 in US dollars; also a good deal, but still a bit harder to swallow. And the awkward thing about the LC6 is that it’s hard not to notice that the LC9 is less than a hundred dollars more, which puts the buyer in the strange position of contemplating expanding before he even gets started. Granted, both have the same power specs, but as someone who faced this dilemma not too long ago, I can vividly recall the hesitation this caused me, as well the keen sense that I was on on a slippery slope. I think this MN case will do a better job of hiding the slipperiness of that slope from the cautious consumer (at least until it’s too late).

        1. Maybe so, but the LC6 retails here for $390. Dunno if they manufacture the things in Germany, but if so, I imagine shipping them over here could account for the difference.

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