Berlin School Style Synth Jam On MicroBrute, Roland Scooper & Doepfer Eurorack System

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Gomag, captures a short improvisation in the Berlin School style. 

Technical details:

Short improvisation played on Korg SQ-1, Arturia MicroBrute, Roland EFX Scooper (as 1 OSC Synth and Noise Gen.), Doepfer A-100 Modular (LFO, Filters etc.) and Ableton Live 9.

13 thoughts on “Berlin School Style Synth Jam On MicroBrute, Roland Scooper & Doepfer Eurorack System

  1. The electronic genre that goes under the name of “Berlin School” has exhausted his language, which was closely tied to a specific historical moment well, between 1973-74 and 1989-90). nowadays, making music in style of “Berlin School” means offering “old” music ; that does not offer anything new. This music is just complacency. The pleasure of making others feel, to know how to use the tools and the fetishistic pleasure to list all their “arsenal” of tools. But the music is absent in these projects.

    1. ..and what?

      it is a very pleasant style to listen to and not particularly hard to make if one is in the mood for it, one persons ‘complacency’ may be another’s brief revierie, contemplating or referencing the past, mastering a technique, applying its essence to a new dynamic track…..

  2. Not only that, but out of focus artsy video and literally no hands tweaking. How do we know that these sounds even came from the gear in this video.

    1. So, the only acceptable video is one that follows the musicians hands and if he is attempting to do several tracks, he better be showing the creation of every single one of those?

      That’s nonsense. Frankly. I prefer videos where I don’t have to stare at the back of a synth nerd. I wouldn’t make people look at me, a fellow synth nerd, for the duration of a track.

  3. Sorry guys, but the Berlin School artists are still going strong and the Dream is still alive.

    They said jazz is dead, too!

    Nice sounds, dreamy visuals….

  4. I think it is a very good sequence and great sound , many people think that talent in art is always synonym of novelty .
    Novelty is novelty, it exist by itself with or without talent . Novelty in art have a sens only when it has a perfect knowledge of the past . Novelty is just the addition of art history plus talent .

  5. I liked it! 😀
    Nice swirling sequences with good sound, very nice and subtle soloing.

    Berlin School is not dead – you don’t have to like it, but I do (I mean: check out the latest “Redshift” album! Dead? Ha!)

  6. all one has to do is what I do with these “Berlin School” stuff…just randomly find a spot somewhere in the middle of the timeline and listen for about 3 seconds and wha-la: that covers the Berlin School audio/video submissions for the month

  7. Some of you people act like others are forcing you to listen to it. If it is clearly tagged Berlin School music and you don’t like that kind of stuff MOVE ON. I think the same criticisms you make could be made about ANY art genre. That doesn’t mean others aren’t free to express within the confines of that genre. Frankly, its silly we pigeon hole stuff anyway. It leads to closed minds like those clearly shown here

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