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Valhalla DSP has introduced ValhallaPlate, a new plate reverb plugin for Mac & Windows.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

ValhallaPlate is an algorithmic take on the classic plate reverberation sound. Seven original algorithms emulate the sound and behavior of real world steel plate reverbs, and take the sound into dimensions that physical plates can’t touch.

Here’s the official intro video:


  • ValhallaPlate is true stereo, emulating a steel plate that has 2 input drivers and 2 output pickups. It can be run as a mono-in/mono-out, mono-in/stereo-out, or stereo-in/stereo-out plugin.
  • ValhallaPlate realistically models the physics of plate reverbs:
    • High diffusion, for reverbs that have maximally high echo density.
    • Frequency dependent decay time, for huge lows and clear highs, under the control of a single Decay parameter.
    • Dispersion, for creating 3D imaging in the decay. The reverb comes from outside the speakers, and decays into the depths behind the speakers.
  • ValhallaPlate extends the plate reverb into dimensions that real plates can’t reach:
    • Variable size, to control how metallic a reverb mode sounds. Small sizes result in more metallic delays, while larger sizes sound clearer.
    • Lush modulation, that eliminates any metallic artifacts, while retaining the pitch of the input.
  • Seven original reverberation algorithms:
    • Four reverb modes (Chrome, Steel, Brass, Cobalt) that model the resonance density found in real plate reverberators.
    • Three additional reverb modes (Aluminum, Copper, Unobtanium) that combine the 3D dispersive characteristics of steel plates with the high resonance density found in reverberation chambers.
  • ValhallaPlate builds upon the Valhalla DSP plugin heritage:
    • Minimalist, resizable 2D GUI, with self-documenting tool tip area.
    • A comprehensive preset browser makes saving, recalling and sharing settings easy.
    • Fully compatible with 32 and 64 bit DAWs (32/64 bit VST for OSX and Windows, 32/64 bit Audio Units for OSX, 32-bit RTAS for OSX and Windows, 64-bit AAX for OSX and Windows).

ValhallaPlate is available now for US $50. A demo version is available. See the ValhallaDSP site for details.

4 thoughts on “ValhallaDSP Intros ValhallaPlate Reverb

    1. Completely agree. It’s amazing how great they sound given how little CPU time they use up. Just dropping the built-in Ableton Live reverb plugin on a track will cause my CPU usage to go up noticeably, but the Valhalla plugins? It’s like they’re not even a factor.

  1. Valhalla plugs are both tremendous value and have great sound IMHO, plus the cpu usage…. They are generally my go to’s…. I am looking forward to checking this out… Sean Costello has made it his lifetime pursuit to provide great algorithmic reverbs with a lot of thought and time spent….

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