An Introduction To The Roland AIRA Modular Customizer


This video, via RolandChannel, is an in-depth introduction to the Aira Modular Customizer

Roland’s recently introduced Eurorack effects modules can work, out of the box, as either desktop or Eurorack devices. But you can also repatch the way the effects work internally, using the Aira Modular Customizer.

In the video, Dr. Richard Boulanger of the Berklee College of Music takes an in-depth look at the Customizer. He starts with an overview of the functionality of the Customizer. Then he dives into the details of the functionality of the virtual modules that the Aira modules can run, and how to create patches with them.

For details on the Aira Modules, see the Roland site.

17 thoughts on “An Introduction To The Roland AIRA Modular Customizer

  1. come on. you have 6 slots to add modules, they’re all the same size, there are no other pages or rows. ‘slight exaggeration’ lol annoyed that i had to go look that up.

    1. Well, he seems to have some useful credentials don’t you think? This is clearly intended for people who are thinking about entering the modular ecosystem. What exactly is your issue with him? Just curious.

    2. Did you watch the video?

      Get beyond the 30 second intro and he goes into tremendous detail on what the Aira modules can do. This is a must-watch, if you’re interested in any of these modules.

      Something that I’m not clear on, though, is whether the options available vary depending on which Aira module you have. Can you run a patch on any of them? I’m wondering if these things are really all the same, behind the panel, or if there’s something unique to the Demora vs the Scooper, for example.

      1. not because we have more experience and were there when it wasn’t a trend and and were REALLY into it while it was fairly unpopular but because we’re awesome? i’ll take it, thanks!

      1. His goofy enthusiasm is quite inspiring in class.

        Also, I imagine Roland use this guy as there are Berklee alums on the Aira team who are past students of Dr. B.

        -Past dB student.

    1. These digital modules are everywhere now.

      Check out the Audio Damage line – it’s basically one module with different faceplates and different firmware.

      I think that tells us that nobody’s really doing multi-purpose digital modules well in Euro, if people will pay $200-300 for the usability benefits of a custom faceplate.

  2. most people getting in to analog will probably opt for Digital modules “more bang for the buck”
    reprogrammable modules are the future… get use to it

    ..but in the end if you want a unique sound you got to mix a bit of the old with the new

    there are going to be alot of used “analog ” modules flooding the market next year as some manufacturers release version 2 and 3 and discontinue their older units

  3. I don’t like these digital modules, it’s not the reason I got into eurorack. But for some it is, it’s all personal taste, and it’s doubtful it’ll have any effect on analogue module sales.

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