STG Soundlabs Intros Integer Dividers For MU Modular Synthesizers


STG Soundlabs has officially introduced the Integer Dividers – a new for the Dotcom/MU modular synthesizer format. 

Integer Dividers is described as a ‘logic-optimized divider’, with outputs from 2 to 16 (except for 11, 12, and 13, which will appear on future divider modules.) There are trigger inputs for clock and reset, with green indicator LEDs.

Patch a clock signal at the input, and the module will pass through every 2nd pulse at the Divide by Two output, every 3rd pulse at the Divide by Three output, and so on.

Outputs run 0-5V. Input frequency range of DC to 10KHz.

The STG Soundlabs Integer Dividers is priced at US $260. See the STG site for details.

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