Polyverse & Infected Mushroom Intro Granular Note Freezer Plugin

Polyverse Music & Infected Mushroom has introduced a new audio effect, I Wish, for Mac & Windows (AU/VST).

I Wish is a granular note freezer for Mac and Windows. When you hit a note on your MIDI keyboard, the plug-in creates a tiny loop, at the wavelength of that note and can create a diverse range of effects.

You can view a detailed intro to the plugin above. 

Here’s a series of in-depth videos that looks at some of the crazy stuff you can do with the new plugin:

Pricing and Availability

I Wish is available for US $39 as a beta release (normally $99). See the Polyverse site for details.

11 thoughts on “Polyverse & Infected Mushroom Intro Granular Note Freezer Plugin

  1. Pretty useful plugin. I’ve suspected for a while IM develops their own plugins and instruments since they do so much amazing sounding stuff, it’s cool they are releasing one of their secret weapons for others to check out.

  2. This plug-in is nothing like buffer over-ride, sugar bytes or anything on the market.
    Those are great plugins, however, with those plug-ins you cannot play a melody using midi and turn any piece of audio into a real-time wavetable synthesizer with formant controls!
    Just watch the Tutorial on http://www.polyversemusic.com

    and to the top commenter: “I Wish is the name of the track that inspired the plug-in.
    check it out you may like it.

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