Hands On With The Roland MX-1 & Ableton Live


Roland recently updated the MX-1 with Ableton Live integration at Amsterdam Dance Event 2015.

In this video from ADE 2015, Roland’s David Ahlund demos the MX-1’s new Live support. 

Ahlund puts the AIRA MX-1, System 1, TB-3 and TR-8 through their paces (with some help from the Roland Boutique synths), giving you an example of what’s possible with the Roland MX-1 + Ableton Live combination. .

7 thoughts on “Hands On With The Roland MX-1 & Ableton Live

  1. Holy crap is that tabletop crammed with stuff and cables, probably took longer to plug it all in than to compose this demo.

    Makes my cable routing look like a work of art.

  2. If I was able to ask him any question it would be: why does he call it an A-U-X (separate letters) send? Its an Aux, as in auxiliary – “Awks”. Not A-U-X.

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