Only 20 Of These Synthesizers Will Be Made


20 Electronics shared this sneak preview of the upcoming ’20’ synthesizer, a new high-end monster synth. Production of the synth will be limited to 20 of each model.

Here’s what they have to say about the mechanical drawings:

Late yesterday, our mechanical engineer Stephan Gries has released a set of technical drawings for the manufacturer. What you see here, is the main drawing, where all major parts are being described. More then 30 detail drawings show all bits and pieces of the mechanical setup.

For me, these drawings almost look like art.

From my experience I can say, that if the technical drawings look right and appealing, the product later on will also match this approach. What a piece of work; – I am so glad, we have Stephan here in house for more then 4 years now – he is a great engineer and a maniac of detail work.

Here are the renderings that have been released for the 20 Synthesizer:


  • Axel Hartmann design
  • Only 20 black and 20 silver will be made
  • Waldorf / Sledge Synthesizer Engine
  • SPL Supra Op-Amp audio technology
  • Wavetables
  • Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer Sampleset
  • Pure aluminium shell, milled from a massive block
  • Collapsable, milled ultra thin aluminium panel
  • Custom-built pure aluminium knobs and wheels
  • Custom-built acrylic-glass switches
  • Highest quality, custom-built, all black Fatar TP 8 Keybed

Details on pricing and availability are TBA.

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36 thoughts on “Only 20 Of These Synthesizers Will Be Made

      1. I know, but I mean make a decent plastic version like this new design. Not this yellow school bus with noisy converters 🙂

    1. It exist already, it’s called a Studiologic Sledge 2. I guess this one will be the same synth in a fancy dress with an upgraded Sampleset

  1. Please keep me updated on the price and availability , extremely interested!! abstract straght clean lines… wonder what it sounds like

  2. This is a “monster” synth – how? I thought we had a working definition of “a synthesizer that would cause serious injury or death if it fell on you.” Not that I’m worried. With only twenty being made, I’ll never get one.

    1. MirlitronOne

      Three words: Milled. Aluminum. Body.

      It’s good to know that you’re keeping us honest on the ‘monster synth’ appellation. We’ll have to see if people give these babies nicknames.

  3. Why should the large majority of us even care about this product (or this company)? If there is only going to be 20 made, then most of us will never have the opportunity to see one. Build a synth for the people please.

    1. Because the rest of us enjoy seeing the ambitions and aspirational efforts of creative people and organizations. A “synth for the people” sounds like a request for another $200 DIY noise-maker synth. It also sounds like a Socialist nightmare!

  4. I didn’t realize the sledge was so popular it called out for a fancy limited edition metal version, even if there will be only 40

  5. The Sledge 2 is a great synth.

    Unless you have money to burn, I can’t see shelling out more money for a fancy Sledge.

    What Studiologic should do is make the Sledge available in different colors in addition to school bus yellow.

  6. Is it really that hard to understand that some of keyboard players actually use the mod wheels, and sometimes both at the same time? This design is completely useless.

  7. Why all this “20” business when they’re making 40? When Ferrari says they are making 7000 cars a year, they don’t mean 7000 red ones, plus 7000 silver ones, plus…

  8. Not bad for a concept, but wow, what a lot of work for a new skin with such limited production. Over four years of work and their website is a two-month-old Facebook page? Something doesn’t add up.

  9. What awful design, clearly the graphic designer wants to use this as a showpiece for his design skill. Keys of all one colour is a mistake; contrasting colours for sharps and flats have been serving keyboard instruments quite nicely thank you for hundreds of years.

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