The Electric Stringed Didgeridoo Is ‘Freaking Awesome’


Percussionist and instrument designer Andy Graham shared this performance demo of his Electric Stringed Didgeridoo:


The Electric Stringed Didgeridoo is a brass electro-acoustic instrument that combines the ancient didgeridoo with a harp-like structure, supporting 3 guitar strings and one bass string.

As one FB commenter noted, ‘dude thats freaking awesome’.

More pictures are available at Graham’s site.

14 thoughts on “The Electric Stringed Didgeridoo Is ‘Freaking Awesome’

  1. Woah! That’s wicked kool! I love it. I play the Didgeridoo, I gave money to a friend that visited Australia and asked him to bring me back an authentic aboriginal didge. It’s a lot of fun to play but the one on the video has strings and electric ones at that!!! A classic example of pure innovative musical genius.

    Well done and hats off! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Not really, there’s no reason you couldn’t play natural harmonics on the strings. And the didgeridoo is already only capable of one or two notes if yoh’re lucky and it’s very successful and flexible as a rhythmic instrument in modern music.

        1. That’s almost as annoying as a DJ who thinks they’re a musician because they learned to beat match a couple of trance records at summer camp.

          No, I don’t want to listen to your Ableton 4 bar loop for ten minutes.

  2. This is clever and very cool. I was expecting that the strings would just resonate passively, rather than it working like a berimbau. But that does make sense to approach it that way. I also like that this is a pretty manageable mod anyone could make.

  3. I was thinking of capturing the vibrations from my didge, using pickups and varying the notes through the use of variable (non-breath) air pressure with controllers. Any idea if that might work?

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