Modular Addict Offers New Option For Synth DIY

modular-addictModular Addict is a new US-based synth DIY store that is launching today.

Here’s what they have to say out it:

We’re launching with several new vendors that don’t have US stock/distribution, and have tons more on the way.

Same day shipping, large stock, screw waitlists/backorder!

At launch, Modular Addict is stocking modules by:

They add that the site is live, but it’s still undergoing some ‘last minute polish’.

If you give Modular Addict a try, let us know what you though of your experience!

9 thoughts on “Modular Addict Offers New Option For Synth DIY

  1. I browsed with my iPhone and while the site worked ok, I’d like to see links to manufacturers’ model descriptions / demos, as well as BOMs for the PCB/panel kits so I know what I’m getting into.

    I thought the prices looked good, and the selection very good for an initial offering. I’ll definitely be ordering from this site.

  2. It’s certainly nice to see new players joining the game! They have a sweet-looking simple 8HP oscilliscope kit – I couldn’t resist.

    1. When I talk Eurorack it’s kind of funny to me because when somebody says something under 20 HP I get a little flashback to Dungeons & Dragons and freak out just a little bit for just a sec. I don’t need these dice. I can put them away any time I want.

        1. I have a friend that makes guesses on what the hit point loss is for various wounds when we watch movies.

          He also says “HP loss” when he hurts himself.

  3. Nebula – BOM’s and build guides for everything listed are there – just click on Specs and Downloads. Maybe we should make them more front and center, though. We’ve got a lot of audio and video demos, and that’s our focus (next to restocking, fast!)for the next couple weeks. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. I ordered an inexpensive multi kit and they already responded with conformation emails quick service thumbs up! I was order number 10! I would be very interested in who was number 1! 🙂

  5. Analog – that filtering is built in. It was really important to me, since I’ve had a hard time with that on other sites. There are menu options on the side in each category (for instance click on vcos, then full kits on the side, then filter by HP or price, mfr., etc), or at the top, you can browse by all full kits, PCBs, etc. We’re expanding past Euro as fast as possible! Thanks.

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