Nerdsynth Hardware Tracker Workstation (Sneak Preview)


The Nerdsynth is a hardware analogue and digital synthesizer, groovebox, sampler, tracker, visualizer, digitizer, music instrument and ‘experimentizer’ in one machine.

nerdsynth-sketchThe Nerdsynth has 6 polyphonic tracks:

  • One track is dedicated to the internal Nerdsynth soundship
  • A second track is a sampler track.
  • The 4 other tracks are connected to external sound cartridges which are inserted in the Nerdsynth. Those are the synthesizer cores/ soundchips of the ATMegatron, Meeblip Anode, DSP-G1 and Soundgin.
  • More cartridges are in development like a SID cartridge, YM/AY, OPL3 and several analogue and digital synthesizer designs.

This video demonstrates the latest Nerdsynth prototype:


  • tracker style sequencer (inspired by LittleSoundDJ / LittlePiggyTracker)
  • 6 mono- and polyphonic audio tracks
  • several tracks free configurable with different sound cartridges (eg. SID, YM/AY,
  • OPL3, online DIY synthesizer projects, digital and analogue)
  • multi track sampler
  • dedicated visual track for experimental visuals (video out)
  • easy workflow, parameters are realtime accessable through several knobs, rotary
  • encoders and a X/Y touchscreen
  • internal mixer and effect unit
  • stereo line out, headphone out and dedicated track line outs per track
  • midi In/Out

Here are the official audio demos:

The Nerdsynth is currently in development. The developer’s goal is to make the Nerdsynth a real product, but there is still a lot of work to do – including case design, software development and the external sound cartridges.

You can follow development at the Nerdsynth site.

12 thoughts on “Nerdsynth Hardware Tracker Workstation (Sneak Preview)

  1. Wow, I feel like the last few years have marked the “Return of the Groovebox.” Between the new electribes, Novation’s Circuit, the Volca Sample (and rest of the Volcas), and Elektron’s Dark Trinity . . . grooveboxes really seem to be having a resurgence. Maybe a revolt against the domination of computer-based music-making?

    Anyway, this thing seems really interesting – a “zag” when everyone else is “zigging,” so to speak. Very retro/cool and unique. I’d love to see this thing get off the ground.

  2. I’ve been strictly using trackers for about 15 years now and, while I don’t make any Chip Tune or OldSkool style of music, this box makes me way too excited. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be vaporware.

  3. i also want this really really bad… however i suspect it will be many years before production, probably 3 or 4 at least.. and by then, who knows what else is out there

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