Inside The Yamaha Reface YC Organ

In this video, Markus Fuller continues his series of teardown videos by taking a look inside the recently introduced Yamaha Reface YC Organ

The Reface keyboard form factor was inspired by the Yamaha CS-01, a mini synth that featured a built-in speaker.

The reface YC was inspired by the YC Yamaha Combo organs, and features performance controls tailored to organ performance, including drawbars, rotary speaker, percussion and effects.

Details on the YC Organ are available at the Yamaha site.

8 thoughts on “Inside The Yamaha Reface YC Organ

  1. Having the audio output right next to the power input seems an odd design choice; I’d have thought it’d make more sense to locate it on the far side, near the digital stuff, to minimise noise from mains. Also, looking at that, all the output jacks and the PSU were on a different PCB, which started roughly where the other stopped (Presumably to make sure the jacks were aligned properly); Why didn’t they just extend the other board over the top, or put full-size midi inputs on the same board as the analog IO? Doesn’t really make sense.

      1. This has a separate power brick that plugs into the wall.

        The power jack on the back is for a 12 volt, or whatever, DC voltage.

        That shouldn’t ever cause any noise issues, since it isn’t passing AC.

        And that’s the Foot controller jack next to it – the outputs are over three inches.

    1. It looks like using two boards allows them to separate surface-mount and through-hole components onto separate boards. This saves time and money in production. The output board is also single-sided, which again saves money. The teardown is pretty half-assed, so we don’t get to see the underside, but I would assume the power supply section is isolated from the outputs.

  2. there was more in there than i guessed there would be.

    how many different sound presets on the Reface YC? None you say? in 2015? hahaha

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