Cinematic Synth Jam With A Korg Radias

This video, via Midera, captures a live performance with a Korg Radias.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Created this pad using only the Korg Radias (no effects other than a
little compression/limiting in Logic).

I found that using the master FX in the Radias for reverb was far better than within a patch. I haven’t looked over the routing, but I wonder if its placement in the chain is what causes its different (and in my experience, better) sound compared to insert FX.

21 thoughts on “Cinematic Synth Jam With A Korg Radias

  1. it’s a good idea to post examples of well done patches, instead of the eternal race for the new synthesizers. Sometimes it is better to sit down at your old inexpensive synth and make some cool sounds

    1. very true 😀
      I come here every day wondering what might be announced, but realistically, a good exploration of something is just as good inspiration / music-making-fuel

      1. Educational on multiple levels. Not just a tech demo, but also an example of how a professional interacts with the public.

  2. I own the Korg R3 and I believe it uses the radius sound ‘engine’. I am blown away by the R3’s sonic capabilities and when compared to my new analog gear ( volcas) or vst plugins it never stops amazing me how organic it sounds. One of my best purchases ever. Too bad it’s discontinued.

    1. I think you could perhaps get a similar sound with the MS2000. I used some DWGS waves with this, and also used the oscillator 2 for many of the timbres. I don’t own an MS2000, but looking at it’s layout, I’d say it’s ‘possible’ but the limitations of 1) number of timbres per patch is lower (4 down to 2) and 2) there are fewer insert FX and no master FX (possibly? I used reverbs heavily in this track), might make it difficult. In fact, I don’t think the MS2000 has any reverb. Of course, using an external reverb might make it easier. I think at any time, I was only using 4 voices, but if you used 2 timbres, you’d actually only be able to play 2 notes at a time… However, I guarantee you that if I had the MS2000, I’d be trying to make the lushest pads possible. Moreover, I wasn’t at all trying to make the case that the MS2000 is a ‘lesser’ synth than the Radias, as I have long wanted one myself, and sort of assume that all things being equal, the MS2000 has the better sound. Radias takes a lot of tweaking to sound good. It gets there, but there’s a lot of elbow grease involved!

      1. I agree that coaxing great sounds out of the Radias involves a lot of elbow grease. I find that sculpting sounds goes a lot better when using the synth’s front panel together with the software editor.

  3. Great Patch, I will have to try and replicate as just sounds brilliant.

    I have the Radias and A Virus T12. I prefer the Radias for warmth and has a nice set of sequencers.

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