Plankton Electronics Intros Arrythmia Clock Generator

arrhythmia_frontPlankton Electronics has introduced the Arrhythmia, a programmable clock generator for the creation of complex rhythms and patterns.

The Arrhythmia is designed to be useful for triggering step sequencers, envelopes, logic gates or sync inputs. 


  • Analog clock combined with a digital step counter.
  • 2 to 16 steps.
  • Rates from 24,5 msec to 8 sec.
  • Step by step time configuration.
  • 20 soft-tact knobs, 16 buttons, 30 leds, 2 ins & 2 outs.

Here’s a video demo:

Here’s a guide to the basics of using the Arrhythmia module:

The Arrhythmia is available now, priced at €387.20.

5 thoughts on “Plankton Electronics Intros Arrythmia Clock Generator

  1. Beautiful!!! I do not have any modular system, but i find that module a very interesting piece to add life in a sequence. Congratulations to the designers!!

  2. I can get a similar effect by automating the time on several arp vsts and setting different timings as well as start and end times. Not as easy as this though. Would be good to have something similar in vst form.

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