10 thoughts on “Short Video Demonstrates The Synth Power Of The Korg Volca Keys

  1. Love my volca keys, it’s able to produce some really great unique tones and has a great character. I had it running along side my minimoog model D and it actually holds its ground really well, they sound amazing together. When you consider one is 5k and the other is 150 bucks it’s almost a crime not to own one!

    1. Totally agree 😀
      I don’t own a pricey monosynth to compare but I know it’s sounds great in the mix with my bands, competes really well for thickness with the best bass and guitar times I’ve jammed with.

  2. I hadn’t thought of doing that. It almost gives you a volca bass-like option to the sequencer – thanks for sharing it.
    I think the keys is the best volca.

  3. Eh, not that impressive at all. I have a keys and I really got everything out of it in a few days. It’s not really that good of a synth at all if you ask me.

  4. Love the keys. I think It’s the hidden gem in the series. With the different OSC modes and the close-to-audio rate LFO you can coax a lot out of it.

    For me, the box opened up once I stopped touching it. 🙂 I mapped all of the controls to my MIDI controller. Suddenly, with full sized keys and non-tiny knob operation it felt like a synth. Been watching CL to buy another. Adding another on the same MIDI channel should allow a single controller to adjust the knobs on both at the same time for ‘true’ duophonic or 6 note paraphonic playing.

    Also, fun as the delay is, it’s kind of a one-trick-pony for me; it gets mushy quickly (that is, it’s sometimes charming/perfect, but limited). Adding an outboard delay really helps.

  5. That trick of saving as you go for the poly sequencer is so obvious I feel like a fool for never doing it.

    Turning on subtitles for the second video is both funny and somewhat helpful due to the really hushed mic volume.

  6. My only criticism of the VK, is that it randomly autotunes to the nearest semitone. It would be great to be able to disable this as it makes it pretty useless when playing with other kit

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