8 thoughts on “Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay With Synthesizers

  1. I love experimenting with guitar effects on synths – some of my favorites are the trike fuzz, zoom cdr, zoom g10n multi, and the ehx superego (great on monosynths to do fake polyphony) and the boss FB-2

    1. Me too! The zoom cdr 70 and 100 are my favorites. Stereo, quality reverb and chorus. Auto pan, filter, ….

      Any other suggestions and why?

      1. well one I forgot to include is the line 6 dl4 – if for no other reason than the reverse and half sped looping with it – but really high quality delays and you can hook it to an expression – also a super cheap fuzz option is the behringer super fuzz to give dirt, esp as a fx loop out on drums- non guitar centric ones that I use also are the alesis filtre ans bitrman (they are sorta… just effect boxes but not meant for stomping….)

  2. I can recommend the Strymon Big Sky for reverb, the tc electronic Flashback x4 for delay and Corona for Chorus. They all have stereo inputs. Dont try multieffects like Zoom G3 or Digitech RP 360. They all sound cheap like most 90th stuff.

    1. the zoom CDR sounds great though – has emulations for the bluesky as well as others – also stereo in/out and very affordable. the G10n that I use is mainly for the amp emulations and fuzz face emulation and auto wah – .

  3. As a straight up delay, this pedal sounds better than most any 80s rack delay I’ve tried (I own three) but lots of the originals sound great too and most can be had for a song on craigslist if you don’t mind the occasional scratchy pot and (on most of them) having to hit buttons to set you initial delay range. Most have more control over the modulation than this one offers. The Dex-1000 offers both square and sine for modulation as well as CV inputs for depth, speed and feedback, for instance. Also, each one enters freakout oscillation territory differently, sound wise.

    Not to detract from the Strymon at all—sounds amazing and I’d love to own one. Just saying if you want an 80s delay sound, there’s almost certainly some old guitarist near you looking to get rid of one.

  4. Why spending big money on a Strymon? Big Sky or whatever. I got a FANTASTIC Alesis Midiverb 1 for reverbs. Yes, that old box from the 80’s. You know that iconic Keith Barr developed it and Valhalla is resurrecting his algorithms? Look at that old devices and get some really good sound. For delays we use Ibanez DM-1100 on our synths. Like FSOL….. 😉

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