Analogue Systems – A ‘Tribute To The Real Analogue’

Herr Schneider, owner of SchneidersBuero in Berlin, shared this set of videos, which feature Bob Williams and Steve Gay of UK synth manufacturer Analogue Systems.

Video Summary: tribute to the real analogue (above)

Explaining the eurorack filterbank module RS360 as a polyphonic Sinewave Generator of high quality is one of the hints that are given by these gentlemen from cornwall, south England about their products as Analogue Systems. Bob Williams (right) and Steve Gay (left) are telling about their first basic real analogue modules made from the knowledge they got from producing a great 19″ Filterbank once. They talk about the dirty moog filter and the flexibility you have with the loop function in the RS060 envelope, about the still outstanding waveform shift in the RS95 VCO that is still offered for quite affordable rates in europe and elsewhere.

Video Summary: about EMS in the eurorack…

Steve Gay and Bob Williams gave us a relaxed update about their UK based source of eurorack modulars called Analogue Systems in their hometown down in cornwall. Steve Gay – who used to work for EMS once – introduced us to the facts of the direct connection of this quality brand to EMS, the (historical) source of experimental synth sounds from the UK. Bob Williams always was the brain and the smart promoter that we met on the synth shows worldwide knowing all the talents and outstanding possibilities of the Analogue Systems – still not (and probably never) topped by all the others of nowadays, but .. “nothing remains the same.”, so hear smart comments “.. about the restricted chip based oscillators ..” and about “.. the very strange quirks..” of the EMS Filter type.

Video Summary: the masterpiece by Analogue Systems

Steve Gay and Bob Williams alias “Analogue Systems” (UK) describe their latest release: The eurorack module RS450, a remake / mixup of once the historical EMS KS sequencer and twice the prominent SH101 sequencer, combining their outstanding possibilities with modern digital ones, so it could be a 14 kHz Sampler at the same time so you could record audio and manipulate it with your control voltages.

Listen to the original inventors of these quality series of modulars from cornwall, south england and enjoy their fascination for the old school technique for modern times.

Video Summary: let the goldfish perform

Your music could be played by a goldfish or stormy winds with a (so far) quite underrated module by Analogue Systems: Bob Williams and Steve Gay explain their idea, the history and the possibilities of their prominent used eurorack module RS35. It is the follow up model of the RS30 and can transform incoming music into a CV for its volume as an envelope follower and it can read out a frequency as a VC value to follow a melodie with your modular or any kind of an analogue VCO. .. listen yourselves.. and dont miss the other interviews made in Cornwall, south england where Analogues Systems is based, still.

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