Free Online Roland Boutique JP-08 Editor & Patch Librarian


Breadandbuttersounds has released a free online Roland Boutique JP-08 Editor/Patch librarian.

The editor uses the Web MIDI API, so it requires a web browser that supports it. Chrome is recommended. 


  • Bi directional communication with your Roland Boutique JP-08 using Sysex
  • Precision editing of all parameters. Use the sliders of your JP-08, the sliders on the web page or enter the exact value for a parameter manually.
  • When you change patch or press Manual on your JP-08 the patch is automatically uploaded to the editor
  • See parameters and learn from your favorite factory presets
  • Easy access of important features like the Delay, Portamento and Bend Range
  • You can save patches, if you log in using a Google Account
  • A public patch browser utility is planned

See the Breadandbuttersounds site for more info or to run the editor.

via nebula

20 thoughts on “Free Online Roland Boutique JP-08 Editor & Patch Librarian

    1. Google’s ultimate goal is to build up a global database of patches to share with the NSA (National Synthesizer Agency).

    2. it’s probably easier to just use someone else’s space than it is to create your own one, TBH. Nothing sinister, just pragmatic.

  1. I was looking for a simple Editor to kind of dive into the Delay and Portamento stuff. As for logging into Google to save patches… I just programmed in a simple 303-ish, bubbly bass-sequence with the web-editor. When you have the patch you to want save hold down the first number of the patch and while holding down the first number then hold down the second number of the patch at the JU-08 will save it. I’m in the Google system so I went ahead and saved the first patch called “Bubbles.” I tried saving it on Google but I can’t figure it out. So I’m just saving the patches right to the synth. Very handy for dialing the thing in.

    1. I can see that your patch “Bubbles” is stored in the database – it should come up in your patch list (the one that is called Load Patch) right after you save it and if you are logged in.

  2. Slight aside, but this WebMIDI stuff is brilliant. I’m using it myself to create another editor for my Novation Circuit, not because there’s anything particularly bad about the Isotonik one, but because I want bigger controls, and I want a proper portable editor, which is entirely possible by running it on my Android phone, as Chrome on android also supports web midi. Works a treat.

  3. Hmmmm I was under the impression that the controls on these things were not controllable externally. Suddenly more interested. Slightly.

  4. I’m sure the Boutique products are based on Rolands’ Plug-Out system ie. software emulation of physical synths, wrapped in new little knob-boxes with colourful faces.
    They’ve already done it for the SH-101 & Pro-Mars.

    Therefore they should able to port the Boutiques to PC & Mac platforms, ideally VST.
    … I’m hoping ????

  5. Dude!!! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY IN HELL I”M LOGGING IN TO GOOGLE FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your act together breadandbutter!

  6. Tried to install, log in with google, but somehow these breadandbutter guys want access to all my emails???? Are you nuts? Is this a SCAM?

    You are NOT getting access to my emails. Let’s put this ridiculous idea of in browser and internet connected editors to bed right away.
    I’m out

    1. Wow guy chill out. IT’s not a scam, and they dont have access to your emails. It’s called single sign on, and it allows them to essentially create a user account for you (to save your preferences and patches) without you having to enter in any of your person information other than clicking the button.

      This is VERY common, I’m surprised you havent seen it before.

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