Yamaha Debuts Soundmondo, A ‘Social Sound-Sharing’ Site For Synths

yamaha-soundmondoYamaha has launched Soundmondo – a new website for Yamaha keyboard owners to share and find synth patches.

Initially, Soundmondo supports the recently introduced Yamaha Reface line of mini keyboards.

‘Soundmondo is social sound-sharing for synthesizers,’ says Nate Tschetter, marketing manager, Music Production, Yamaha Corporation of America. ‘Back in the day, synthesizers had patch sheets where sound re-creation was a manual process of duplicating settings from a printed diagram. Soundmondo instantly sends the sound to your instrument and visually shows you how to re-create it.’

Soundmondo is one of the first sites to implement WebMIDI, a new W3C (API), pioneered by Google in Chrome. WebMIDI connects MIDI devices to the Internet, which means that you can use your keyboard to play browser-based music software or, as in this case, use a web-based app to save or share sounds.

Because WebMIDI is built into Chrome, Soundmondo works on Mac, PC and Android devices.

Here’s what Yamaha has to say about Soundmondo:

The Yamaha reface Mobile Mini Keyboards are the first instruments to work with Soundmondo. Featuring four models, each with a unique tone generator and control panel, reface empowers users with an easy way to store, recall, organize and share their sounds.

Saving sounds on Soundmondo is easy. Once the user connects their instrument and sets up an account, they simply hit CREATE and give their sound a name, a description and tags. They can also add a YouTube video and SoundCloud audio to really show off their sound.

According to Tschetter, the real fun comes in checking out sounds created by other Soundmondo users. BROWSE shows all available sounds (currently over 1,200), and the user can refine their search using tags. Once the user finds a sound they might like, they simply click on it and hit SYNC. This will send the sound to their connected reface AND show them how to move the controls to recreate the sound.

For reface DX users, there’s an added bonus: a full editor showing all parameters with full navigation and editing using a computer keyboard.

Soundmondo is available now at the Yamahasynth site.

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