Le Strum MIDI Chord Controller ‘Like A Cross Between A Stylophone & An Omnichord’


Midierror shared this video preview of Le Strum, a MIDI chord controller that they describe as like a cross between a Stylophone and an Omnichord: 


Connect LE STRUM to your MIDI synthesizer or computer running synth software, hold down a combination of buttons to select a chord, then use the stylus to play MIDI notes by touching the contact pads on the top right of the board. As the name suggests, you can strum across chords using the stylus, providing an unique and expressive MIDI controller.

LE STRUM’s 36 chord buttons give you immediate access to 84 different chords (maj, min, dom7, maj7, min7, aug, dim for 12 root notes). You can also play sus4, add6 and add9 chord variations. It is great for learning about chord progressions and can be a helpful songwriting tool.

LE STRUM has several performance modes which are accessed by holding the MODE button while pressing one of the top row of chord buttons.

We previously featured Le Strum in 2013, but at that time it was available as a DIY project. Now it’s available pre-built for US $65. See the site for details.

10 thoughts on “Le Strum MIDI Chord Controller ‘Like A Cross Between A Stylophone & An Omnichord’

  1. Initially hoped this was and was subsequently disappointed that it wasn’t an Oberheim Strummer remake but looks more interesting anyway.

  2. Cool that they are pre-building them now, the DIY kit wasn’t hard to put together, really good introductory build if you’re a beginner. I bought one after it was featured here in 2013, it’s as fun to play with as you can imagine. Happy Strumming!

  3. I built one of these a while back. To be honest the DIY kit was pretty easy to do considering I was just a beginner at DIY kits at the time. Anyway it’s a lot of fun and I highly recommend it! Especially for the price, and now pre built? What more could you want 🙂

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