Elektron Overbridge 1.10 & Analog Series Updates

Sonic State shared this presentation by Elektron on their updated Overbridge 1.10 and Analog Series software updates.

Elektron Overbridge is software that lets you connect your Elektron analog hardware and your music studio software through a single USB connection.

Overbridge lets you record multi-track audio from your hardware directly into your DAW, control and automate your hardware settings from your computer, handle patch management, manager your sample library and more.

See the Elektron site for details.

18 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge 1.10 & Analog Series Updates

  1. Updates! Yay!

    I’m not the biggest fan of overbridge, but the OS updates are welcome.

    My only complaint is that they gave us all these new features, but still haven’t addressed any of the BIG issues:

    The sequencer does not record pitch or mod wheel (joystick) data with the analog keys/4.

    Rytm still has no way to real-time input rolls. The note-repeat data isn’t recorded when you play it in live…

    Rytm sample loading just plain sucks. No excuse for that crap.

      1. Not what I meant.

        Yes. You can record re-trig manually, using the trig menu and p-locking steps.

        … But there is no way to “play it in”, using the drum pads and retrig button, like you would on an MPC or most other drum machines.

        @ 13:01 you are seeing the rytm being programmed to retrig p-locked steps… no rolls are being played in.

  2. it’s not out yet. that was just the presentation of what’s to come. Some great new features, though, I would like to see “roll” implemented in Rytm.

  3. Version one point ten, does sound more progressive than version one point one! That zero is redundant, guys.

    But, I do like Elektron Overbridge tech, certainly beats Roland’s Under-a-bridge technology.

    1. software version are not numbers, but rather more like labels.

      for example, you can have multiple parts, like 1.2.3 or 1.20.300. It’s hierarchical; each part has a level of granularity. 1.10 means there have been 10 (relatively) minor updates since the last (relatively) major update.

  4. Watch for the wedding ring spinning at 18:50. It’s classic liers body language. Don’t expect this to drop for a while longer.

  5. “Multiplayer sound design” I would really like to see ELektron make overbridge online enabled. 4 player analog 4.

  6. Cenk’s complete mastery of the Elektron products is a joy to watch. My favorite part is when he hands off the reins to Jimmy (at around 15:40) so that we can learn more about the A4. It takes about 5 seconds for Cenk to start jamming on the Rytm. He can’t even help himself. I honestly couldn’t even focus on what Jimmy was saying or doing… and didn’t really care.

    1. Yes, I felt exactly the same– Cenk is amazing with live tweaking and rhythms…
      I think “total recall” seems to be one the coolest features so far. The OS update has some nice enhancements.

  7. big overbridge fan, but in studio one v3, input sidechaining is not working :/ i cant send audio to elektron like in ableton :/

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