DrumPerfect Pro A ‘Human Feel Drummer’ For iPad

Developer Marinus J.G. van de Molengraft has released DrumPerfect Pro, described as a ‘human feel drummer’ for iPad.

What sets it apart is the fact that it’s designed to be more of a virtual drummer, rather than a drum machine.

Here’s a video intro:


  • Virtual drum engine designed for realistic performances:
    • random sample selection,
    • two-handed-playing emulation,
    • 16 Linked sets ( fills & variations ) to be played at programmable intervals,
    • multi-sampled instruments with up to 16 samples per instrument,
    • humanise option adds randomisation of velocity and timing,
    • programmable time shifts per drum stroke,
    • programmable number of beats in a pattern (up to 32),
    • programmable subdivision per beat (up to 16),
    • smart swing function,
    • JAM! function,
  • BPM between 20 and 320,
  • convolution-based reverb processor.
  • Grid style editor for easy rhythm programming and editing.
  • Kit editor for building your own multi-sampled drum kits.
  • Song editor for easy song building.
  • 32 Velocity-sensitive pads for live-recording.
  • Sync via Inter-App-Audio, Ableton Link or midi-in clock sync.
  • Audio file and midi file export to other apps.
  • Audio file and midi file import from other apps.
  • Full Inter-App-Audio and Audiobus support with individual outputs per instrument (16+1).
  • Low-latency midi-in handling for notes, control changes and program changes.
  • Extensive midi-in configuration options per port.
  • Midi-learn for mapping of notes and remote commands.

DrumPerfect Pro is available for US $8.99 in the App Store. Additional content libraries are available as In-App purchases.

If you’ve used DrumPerfect Pro, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

3 thoughts on “DrumPerfect Pro A ‘Human Feel Drummer’ For iPad

  1. Haven’t tried Pro yet but there’s no competition on the app store for the original. That is, if programming realistic sounding acoustic drum kits is your goal. Dude has discreet velocity layered left and right hand ghost note samples ffs!

  2. Drum Perfect and Drum Perfect Pro are great apps with very powerful and unique features. For example, being able to chain together patterns into songs where each pattern can have its own time signature and tempo– then be able to adjust the tempo of the whole song (and relatively scale the tempos of the component patterns)!!

    The biggest weakness of both DrumPerfect and the Pro version is that with the samples, you only have a low velocity sample and a high velocity sample — just two velocity layers! If they were going for ultimate realism, you would think the developer would have provided slots for at least 4 velocity layers, ideally 6 or 8.

    It is good that there are separate left and right hand samples and 4 round robins. So you have a total of 16 samples per note. That makes it all the more unfortunate about there only being two velocities per note. I think those 16 samples could easily have been dynamically allocated between LH/RH, Velocity, and Round Robin as the user maps them.

    To be clear, all samples are scaled dynamically so you get full amplitude dynamics in your playing. You just only get two samples to represent the full range of drum or cymbal.

    The other challenge with DrumPerfect is workflow. It’s a bit tedious to use.

    All that said, I WILL be buying the Pro version, not only to support this developer but because it really does things no other drum app can do.

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