Audio Damage Boom Tschak & Dub Jr MK2 (Sneak Preview)

This video, via Sonic State, captures an update from Chris Randall of Audio Damage on his latest Eurorack modules. 

Audio Damage was previewing a couple of new modules at the 2016 NAMM Show:

  • ADM14 BoomTschak – This is Audio Damage’s first analog module, described as a ‘quality high-end analog drum voice’. It features Accent and choke inputs, a self-resonant multi-mode filter, three envelopes with curve controls, and a waveshaper. Their goal is to get the price around US $450.
  • DubJr Mk2 – basically DubJr, but with improved build quality and customer-requested features, including Tap tempo, clock input, selectable “free” or “jump” times, and a feedback loop. It will be priced at $289, and is expected to ship in about 3 weeks.

6 thoughts on “Audio Damage Boom Tschak & Dub Jr MK2 (Sneak Preview)

    1. You know why their plug in prices are cheap? BECAUSE IT’S SOFTWARE. Hardware costs more to develop, manufacture, and distribute. AD module prices are very standard if not on the cheaper side. I’m also quite certain that the AD team got bored with plugin design and finds this new challenge more appealing. Doing technical support for software also SUCKS. Give it a shot if you’ve never tried it before 😉

  1. AD always puts a lot of care into what they do. Their plugins are by far some of the very best on the market and I can only imagine the amount of care they put into designing and building their hardware. Plus Chris Randall just seems like one of the coolest mofos in the business. Definitely respect these dudes.

  2. the neuron is a killer drum module, the new bigger one is for sure a good module, and for an analog circuit absolutely ok price wise. the efx modules are kind of pricy at first sight (havent tried them), but if you compare this to other efx modules on the market…(or like strymon delays…the simple ones…) it´s definitely ok i guess. never forget that the margin on those products is pretty small … korg or roland are huge companies..they can develop their volca or whatever series with ultra low price tags, those companies cant, i know two modular manufacturers (high quality stuff) and this business ain´t everything but easy.

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