36 thoughts on “The Chemical Brothers (feat. Beck) – Wide Open

  1. Awful. Null. Zero. Is a dancer lifts his t -shirt every 30 seconds to show his computer graphics ? It’s the most anti-choreographic, self-targeted, and naïve concept show i’ve seen for long. Go for a gif, postcard gift for geek-preteenagers.
    And the Chem Bro : Don’t go to the Pet Shop Boys side : they’re far better in the genre.

    1. You could just stare at your own nipples instead of sexualising someone else’s. Your comment is really pretty inappropriate.

        1. You consider that kind of dance “sexualized”? Hardly. What was sexy about it? That she had a revealing outfit on? Should she dance in a burka? The Chemical Brothers have had dance themed videos before and no one was scandalized. Go watch the video for Let Forever Be again, bro. Wanna see some “sexualized” dancing check something like this, yet even it remains tasteful:

          (When Saints Go Machine – System Of Unlimited Love )

          1. The fact is that video, hardly focused on computer graph performance, has no target except itself. Empty – or so badly illustrated – in terms of conclusion, stake, philosophic thematics, encourages to focus on the beautiful body of the dancer, just before it has the unfounded idea of disappearing as a metal fishnet network. The banal music when you know some good tracks of chemical bros , especially when you know Pet Shop Boys , encourages to notice nipples, further. Empty proposition is an invitation to sexualize the performance actor. It’s hardly human.

      1. for some reason I like other people’s nipples more than mine, cant quite figure out why.. but it might have something to do with the fact I’m human.. The comment was made bc thats what people do on forums.

      2. Oh, that person is sexually attracted to an other human being, and he even goes as far to express it with words! Let’s crucify that bastard!

        1. Yes, so funny. For example, as SRV, i prefer other’s nipples. While i never look to my own nipples, it’s always with good music !

  2. Nice concept! Liked its simplicity and the idea of how much work there must have been to achieve this seemingly simple video. Also the other dude in the mirror reflecting someones point of view for the whole video makes it even more personal in some way.

  3. Woah! This song is freakin’ GOOD! I love it and it resonates within. The video is really outstanding as well. Super well done Chemical Brothers! I really, really dig this song. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a song somebody wrote for Coldplay, but they turned it down…

    Chemical Brothers always had melancholy tracks like Alive Alone, etc. but this was soo generic, unless there was some earsplitting siren at the end that I missed when i got bored and shut it off.

  5. Hm. Chemical Brothers circa 2016? Maybe not so much.
    But Beck circa anytime?
    Makes it all worthwhile, to me at least.
    Great job.

  6. sorry for asking but this vid makes the round on so many channels…i like the visual aesthetics and the dancing but why is it posted here? No synth related info in this post…in fact no infos at all.

    just wondering…

    1. Obviously because the Chemical Brothers have been a heavy synth band for a long time. While this is a departure from their typical music, it still has plenty of synths.

  7. Single shot videos always command my respect. That shit is hard. Not only could she not eff up but the team operating the steadicam had to do the same. Hard.

    Also loved the bit around 1:45 where she leans on the column and you can still see her real leg through through the CG one, and then the shadows on the real leg as she moves away. Hard.

    Sounds like the stuff I hear on the pop station. Not my cup of tea but hope they sell 2 million copies so they can keep doing what they love to do.

  8. Could have been so much better. Null effort and cheesy cgi that doesn’t impress even a basic programmer. And the chorus was just horrible.

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