Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synthesizer Hands-On Demo


The Arturia MatrixBrute  Synthesizer is one of the most talked-about new synths introduced at the 2016 NAMM Show.

The MatrixBrute is a programmable monophonic / duophonic analog synthesizer, outfitted with three ‘Brute’ oscillators, Steiner-Parker and ladder filters, three envelope generators, analogue effects and a matrix-style modulation matrix.

Here’s a hands on demo from the Show floor:

In the video demo, via Source Distribution, Sebastien Rochard gives an audio demo of the new MatrixBrute synthesizer.

Features include:

  • Four-mode STEINER FILTER (upgraded to support both 12dB/oct and 24dB/ oct slopes.
  • Dedicated Drive control for creating thicker sounds).
  • Three-mode LADDER FILTER, with 12dB/oct and 24dB/oct slopes, alongside another dedicated Drive control.
  • Three VCOs, each equipped with a sub-oscillator, as well as Saw, Pulse, and Triangle waveforms, with the ‘Brute’ sound of the MatrixBrute’s smaller siblings, the MiniBrute and MicroBrute synths.
  • 49-note (full-size) keyboard (featuring both velocity-sensitivity and aftertouch).

Pricing and Availability

The Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synthesizer is expected to be available for purchase in Spring 2016 directly from Arturia online, or via Arturia’s network of dealers and retailers. Official pricing is TBA. For more detailed information, please visit the MatrixBrute Analog Synthesizer product page on the Arturia website.

69 thoughts on “Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

    1. I’d say hang on to your moog. This has a lot of very cool features, but all the synth sounds have a really grating, nasal quality to them. I don’t know if this is a product of having all those ‘brute’ and ‘metal’ options and actively trying to get agressive sounds out of it, or if it’s in the oscillator/filter design. Same thing’s put me off the other ‘brutes’. Not a bad thing necessarily – there’s a place for super-aggro sounds, but I have a gut feeling I’d need to EQ the donkey balls out of something if I wanted it to be a bit more laid back. Still, more synth options means maufacturers get pushed to innovate and good keys get cheaper to come by so bring ’em on!

      1. That really depends on how you want your sound to be. You might use the metalizer and brute factor but no one forces you. It’s really up to the one who plays those Minibrute and/or MicroBrute.

        1. Also I think the Steiner parker filter has a pretty rough character. The addition of a ladder filter should help to give this synth a smoother sonic profile than it’s little siblings.

  1. Given Arturia’s past history with the Minibrute and Microbrute, the concern with many is going to be how well the Matrixbrute is built and if Arturia will actually back up their product if an owner has a problem? I have read bad things about their customer support. Perhaps some of you can share some stories as to whether or not this is true regarding Arturia’s customer support. Who wants to plunk down 2 grand only to find out that they have a problematic synth with poor support.

    1. That is true. They should hire some professionals to train their people how to help out customers. It’s the same with many western europe music gear makers.

    2. I had one of the first batch of minibrutes available in France.
      It broke down after a few weeks.
      I sent it back to Arturia and after another few weeks and some email exchanges, they sent me a new one.
      I never had any problem again.

    3. Yep not hearing good things about them at all. This is one huge synth to constantly ship for repairs etc. I really want this synth but I don’t want to deal with headaches with crappy build quality.

    4. I purchased the Minibrute when it first came out. Unfortunately, I had a key pop out from bad gluing. After two weeks I got a response from Arturia: glue it back. I would have kept it if I wasn’t worried about future build issues and even more, the customer service.

    5. I felt like someone adrift in a lifeboat after buying the Minibrute, right when it was announced. It was like they took all the complaints and criticisms, said “fuck off, thanks for the cash”, and used that info to design the Microbrute instead of fixing the problems with the Mini. It still doesn’t send clock data thru its midi out…

      1. and you didn’t buy a beatstep, to feel pretty miserable when they left it completely bugged and diverted all their resources to the Beatstep Pro!
        No sorry, I will never even consider buying anything else from arturia.
        It’s a 90’s behringer dajavu.

        1. … and then the awful firmware that shipped with, and remained on, the Beat Step Pro.
          Constant denial that there were / are problems with BSP and that after waiting 6 months beyond expected availability date to actually own one.
          They innovate, they do things to a good price point but then they dump you.
          Availability on the MaxiBrute? Dont hold your breath…

    6. Never encountered one single problem with my MiniBrute. When you want to sound it harsh, you can. Nobody forces you though. It can sound very mellow.

    7. I had a key break on my minibrute and they offered to collect it and fix it or send me a new keybed and I could replace it myself. I went for the latter and haven’t had a problem since

    8. Hi Everyone.

      I’m Edouard from Arturia Support.

      We are actually improving and amplifying our quality control day by day.

      We have a new quality manager since few month who have strongly handled things.

      -> The keybed issues have an extended warranty of 3 years (considering that the issue is not related to the usage precaution)
      Keybeds can even be sent at your home if you don’t want to separate from your unit for several days.

      -> About the hardware, huge bug fixes/ firmware updates are on the way with a top priority ressources allocation.

      -> And about support, our workforce has been doubled since last year, allowing to considerably reduce our response time.

      I hope that it is a reassuring answer.

      Have a nice week-end.


  2. You tend to hear a lot from a few people with problems (the very vocal minority), nothing from people with no problems. This is true of all products! Arturia (like Beringer and Alesis) tend to be at the lower price point for there products (accessible to armatures) but are often judged against ‘pro’ quality gear in terms of build and support. You generally get what you pay for + the law of diminishing returns (you have to pay a lot more to get just a little bit better). Normally I would just say buy the best you case afford- but in the case of the matrix….what is the competition….I mean, have you seen it ?

    I own Mini and micro brutes, beatstep pro, spark and an analogue lab. I haven’t had any real problems and the quality is higher than the price point in my opinion. My Minibrute is one of my top toys and was the gateway drug in to my analogue journey (from soft synths).

    People are paying a lot more than this for old unreliable analogue synths with no guarantee, warranty or manufacturer to go back to with problems…I hope they sell a ton, they deserve a lot of credit for probably the most interesting (and affordable) synths since the Prophet 8- under 2K USD (maybe a street price of 1800USD?) – I’m in!

    1. You could be right when you basically say you get even more than what you could buy from the competitors. What drives me absolutely bonkers is Arturia’s habit of leaving things broken even at their core functionality, when really a little more effort could make their instruments a must buy and a keeper, to stand the test of time. Instead they prefer to hit and run, but customers have an elephant’s memory and stay scheptical even when they might have nailed it.

    2. Minority or not. I’ve had 3 Arturia hardware products (Microbrute, Beatstep, Beatstep Pro) of which 2 have had issues (Mictrobrute and Beatstep Pro, which was replaced by the store). A friend also has Microbrute and he had some serious problem with it and it was also replaced. Minority of people maybe use their instruments unlike the rest.
      Their stuff is great anyhow. It’s just that they should make them better and get better user support.

  3. Does the sequencer really play only 1 channel?

    It is painful to me, as the matrix sequencer is manifestation of my most utopian wish; to have a synth with a matrix sequencer and CV out for controlling modular gear and for keeping the sequencing nice and visual, and in one place, where I also play the melodies.

    All the big pieces and expensive components are there, kitchen sink and even toilet seat, but they forgot to bring a piece of soap and a roll of toilet paper.

    1. well the final feature set for the device has yet to be released, and im sure they will have the ability to add features in software… perhaps you should get in touch with them and inquire if this can be added? it would certainly be a compelling feature to add, kind of like a BeatStep Max….

  4. i dont get the bad wrap Arturia gets. I know that in the past they supposedly had less than stellar support, but honestly, Ive never seen it. they’ve always been quick and friendly with my support requests, and the two pieces of hardware i have (minibrute SE and the full-size Spark controller) are both built like tanks, far more sturdy than most everything else in the price segment. they even once contacted me directly after filling out a survey of theirs to thank me for my “amusing” responses – they’re the only manufacturer ive ever seen that has done that – so they *ARE* listening. I think there’s a very vocal minority of people who got burned in the past (I heard that the Origin was kind of a disaster) and its been following them ever since.

    for me it will be all about the price. if its closer to the 1500 point, i’ll bite, but closer to 2000… i’ll probably wait and pick one up used.

    im curious how it will sound compared to the minibrute. just wondering if i would still need both in my setup….

    1. Maybe it’s because I was an early adopter of the Minibrute, but my experience with getting support from them was horrible. Maybe they got the message that people were frustrated by an apparent lack of care. It’s definitely possible that they’re more competent at the customer service part now. Still, though, that’s a lot of cash to throw down on something. I’d rather get a prophet or nord if I were to spend between $1500 and $2000, though I’m not very impressed by monosynths in general since the real magic comes from filtering chords.

    2. I love my minibrute, but when I had an issue with the noise oscillator 3+ months ago, I never got a response. I offered to fix it myself, I just wanted a second opinion and I got nothing.

  5. I haven’t been that impressed by their communications. We tried in vain to purchase 20 licenses of the Modular V for our Labs so we contacted them for Educational pricing. They eventually pointed us to their distributors. Their distributors then pointed us to Arturia. So rather than play chase tail, we bought a competing product and are very happy with it and have great customer support. Arturia lost out on a fair bit of revenue. I have not been impressed by their customer support on other products in the past. So will wait and see what others on the ground rather than the internet to see what they thing and whether Arturia hardware is actually a good investment. So far the BeatStep Pro seems fine and well built, though the Control Center has notation features missing which are available on the normal Beatstep but that is another nonsense.

  6. Re: Arturia’s bad wrap.

    See: Arturia Origin.

    Lower price point!?

    That whole endeavor ended up ripping off so many customers willing to support a soft synth company on their first hardware synth, and Arturia buried their head in the sand, pretending like nothing was wrong. Then the Brutes came out and were a huge success, and now Arturia pretends like the Origin never existed! In general, I agree that it’s usually a small amount of people that can give a product or company a bad name, but in the case of Arturia, they are not a stand up company.

    1. I have commented previously however Arturia’s approach to customer service is appalling. I owned a Origin which until I hacked and tried to fix some of the bugs myself, it was nothing more than a $2800 dead piece of unusable hardware. A few years ago I had a heated discussion with the CEO at messe Frederic whom essentially said that the problems with the Origin and the financial commitment required to address the many issues simply could not be justified. This was said to me at a trade show no less. I’ve worked for Access to DSI and a half dozen other synth makers, and I have never witnessed such a systemic lack of regard for the user base!

    1. “stop french bashing dudes , why moderation dont censor ???”

      Synthtopia doesn’t ‘censor’ comments. We encourage readers to engage in active discussion about synths.

      Like most responsible sites, though, we do not allow comments that are clearly racist, sexist, personal attacks, etc.

      Reviewing the comment thread above, it doesn’t look like there are any comments that are ‘french bashing’, racist or personal attacks, but just people sharing frustration over previous experiences with Arturia customer service.

      If you do see comments that cross the line into being attacks on other people, please let us know via the Feedback link, which is found at the top of every page.

  7. I’ve had not one issue with the mini brute, over two odd years, and have been using the mini moog and arp 2600 software without a hitch, I envoy nothing to complain about

  8. I’ve had not one issue with the mini brute, over two odd years, and have been using the mini moog and arp 2600 software without a hitch, Ive nothing to complain about

    1. not as much as youd think.

      two row 48 hp with power and basic modules (pittsburgh) ran me about 800. i ran out of space quickly, so had to get another case, went with 96 hp single row (with power) was another 350.
      so 1150 for cases power midi in, audio out and the most basic synth voice (box? block? cant remember, older model, replaced it quickly)

      obviously i took the “long road” for ~180 hp and power
      plan ahead, plan wisely

      1. that’s one thing that always gets me, people talk about eurorack being “affordable” because you can piece it together, they never seem to factor in the price of the mount, PSU, etc… it can easily drive the price up real quick.

  9. i owned arturia analogue lab, minilab and the 3 ios synth apps. i bought all of them for the sound which is really good. BUT…

    analogue and minilab had too many hardware and software issues. arturia never even managed to make their own hardware work completely with their own software! so i sold both units after a short time.

    in terms of ios apps: isem works okay. imini has still no completely working midi (eg CC learn, the mod wheel!!!) although advertised. i returned iprophet app after purchase (in europe we can do this in the app store) because it was not really useable (eg lot of background bass wobble that should not have been there).

    but do not take my word for it. check the arturia forums. check dates of postings and how long things need to get fixed, if ever…

    1. one thing to keep in mind with the iOS apps is they are partnerships with other developers… IIRC the iSEM was done by a different team than the iProphet and iMini…. might account for the differences there.

  10. ive owned a few arturia products, and customer support is a VERY REAL concern… id be super wary of laying down the cash for one of these

    frankly, i just wont do it… its really cool… not THAT cool tho

  11. Just check out the Facebook Beatstep Pro page. I’ve never seen so many complaints about a single company. I will probably get a matrxibrute after beta testers (initial purchasers) have a go at it.

  12. I love everything I’ve seen about the MatrixBrute and as soon as I can I’ll be getting one. as for quality of older kit, I bought one of the first MicroBrutes in the UK and I’ve never had any problems with it (and you aren’t restricted to harsh sounds on it). I’ve also got a SparkLE and that’s worked without any problems too.

  13. It’s as big as it looks, it’s gigantic. Maybe too gigantic for a couple VCO’s, Way too big for me. But it has potential. They were a little close to the vest with it, so you couldn’t really get a good demo to check out the raw/basic sound, so I hesitate to comment there. The digital control was far from complete so a lot of features couldn’t be tried. Including two filters w/ series/parallel options is the minimum spec for something that size. I don’t think that part (the filter configs) of the hardware was complete yet I couldn’t demo it properly.
    The knobs and buttons felt pretty good and it’s all metal and wood so those are good things. They really need to make sure the QA is perfect before they ship these. If they release it w/ issues and need to warranty repair or replace it could kill them. I was really surprised to see it, it takes balls, most mid to big size companies are trying to simplify product assemblies and maximize profit, and they throw this thing at us. Huge risk and good for us to have this option!

  14. This guy demoing Arturia’s stuff is brilliant. Last year at NAMM he did a wonderful performance on 8 Mini/Microbrutes and again here. He clearly knows how to play these things, even though, from what we understand, he didn’t have much time to play with them. Arturia, give him a raise! And f*cking listen to your clients and improve your customer service. This isn’t a game anymore, once you go analog, baby!

  15. Most of the people that I know that own a mini or microbrute, have it sitting off somewhere and it only gets used on occasion.

    Sure everyone might have bought one, but it seems that it becomes relegated to the background fairly quickly as they acquire gear.

    No way in hell I would buy this thing given Arturia’s past “support” and build issues.

    Besides the improved better version will come out next year.

  16. To me it’s just plain stupid that Arturia doesn’t address these issues comprehensively. There are dozens (being charitable) of threads on their own forums with people begging for help … good, decent people that spent hard earned money only to have their products not do what they were promised to do.

    If you’re a friend of mine, I’d mock you endlessly for buying this thing. I’d call you gullible, stupid, and an unpaid intern or beta tester.

    Have I had issues with Arturia — NO. But I know many, many people who have. It’s irrational to go based on one data point — particularly when it’s JUST your own experience — in these cases.

    Maybe they HAVE gotten better .. but maybe YOU just got lucky.

    And while I haven’t had problems myself, while helping friends to solve their various problems, I’ve seen many of my friends just completely, utterly ignored by Arturia … and I can only call their actions callous, selfish, or words I can’t say here. Emails from reps promising help, that are then ignored going forward. Forum threads where an Arturia rep promises a response to numerous people having the same problem, and then the rep disappears FOREVER, never to deliver the promised fix. Calls and emails left unanswered over and over.

    This is just plain outright hostility to customers — and calling it anything other than that requires either (1) total ignorance of the big picture that’s very clear for you to see, and/or (2) being a fanboy and/or (3) being a shill.

    If Arturia has gotten better then they need to say HOW and show us WHY.

    If the Beatstep Pro fixes — which do indicate they rushed the product to market without really testing a lot of features or really understanding what users would want or reasonably expect — actually indicate that they’re listening and willing to be different, then they should tell us WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO FIX IT.

    In other words …

    – Why they ignored so many users for so long. What was wrong in their organization that they started to address issues only to just throw their hands up or bury heads in sand.
    – Who was responsible for these anti-customer procedures and when they were fired.
    – What they’ve done to change their outlook, including what new people are involved in the entire customer service process, from front line people to respond to complaints to programmers/engineers, repair procedures (warranty repairs that don’t require mailing to f’ing France for example?), etc.
    – How the development process has changed to give customers better confidence in their product.

    Without something like an Arturia exec more or less falling on a metaphorical sword (I really think if they can’t show they fired anyone, you can’t trust them) and actually explaining the above in excruciating detail and what they will specifically do different in the future, they have lost me — and, without exaggerating, thousands of past customers — forever. Because again — I like my two cheap synths I have from them but I know so, so, so many people who went through hell trying to get any semblance of a response from them and just gave up, dejected.

    Yeah, it is that bad. So even if it’s been OK for you, quit pretending your 1 in 50,000 data point has much, if any, meaning whatsoever. The collective opinion is pretty much clear in black and white.

    I love French people BTW.

    If the smart and interesting and passionate people behind cool new products like this read this — maybe they can push people to make sure their creations don’t turn into a miserable nightmare for some unwitting person who saves up months or years for a dream instrument, only to end up unheard and powerless.

    1. How about that you cant login to their website with my username and password which I have saved. Then when you ask for a new password reset, you get no email response NOT ONE AFTER 20 or so tries!! Yet they show up at NAMM to show a new synth they want to sell the public. Guys, please save your money because if one thing goes wrong you will be out on the tiles.

  17. I guess I should chime in with my Arturia customer service experience. First, I bought a used Arturia Analog Experience MIDI controller from a local store. I was told it came with the Analog Lab software. When I tried to download via Arturia’s site, I only had the keyboard serial number when I also needed the registration code. I emailed Arturia with a photo of the keyboard serial number, and within one day they sent me a new Analog Lab code. I have greatly enjoyed using Analog Lab, and I find the sounds to be better than Ableton Live and other VSTs out there – granted the control over synth parameters is not as deep as with Arturia’s standalone synth VSTs. Also, FWIW, the local store told me that the original owner sold it with missing knobs, and Arturia sent replacements for free. The keyboard is very well built, and a joy to use.

    I also own a Minibrute, which I also bought used. It’s a fine synth and I’ve had no issues with it. Everything works as it should, and I’ve had no need to contact Arturia yet. If I were to fault it in any way, it’s that one or two knobs have slightly faster action than most others on the synth, so they need less force to turn. In my opinion, this fault is negligible, and does not detract from the overall playability of the synth.

    I hear other people’s concerns about Arturia’s products. I hope that they have made the necessary quality control improvements. I am really looking forward to the MatrixBrute. It looks like the monosynth to end all monosynths if crafted properly.

    1. The knob action thing seems to be true of all Minibrutes, not just yours FWIW. I think it’s the same knobs that have this on all of them (mine’s not in front of me and I can’t remember which).

      I’ve never had a problem with my Minibrute, but I did not get one from the first batch.

  18. Chiming in: I have a Minibrute and love the sound and design a lot. However, I was one of the unlucky ones with a bad keybed (a manufacturing issue in their early units) and it was an absolute nightmare trying to get it fixed/replaced. It took months and months, with Arturia “losing” my customer support tickets and just not responding. Finally, it took me complaining loudly in an Arturia-themed Synthtopia post for an Arturia rep to take notice and finally ship me a new keybed (I think because they were embarrassed in a public forum more than anything else).

    Good products, sometimes questionable manufacturing processes, T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E customer service.

    TBH, I’d never dedicate $2k to an Arturia product, no matter how tasty it looks.

  19. I personally have had nothing but headaches dealing with arturia support.
    I own a microbrute and minilab i do like the microbrute and have had no problems but the minilab sucks.
    Arturia have no plans to fix a major problem with the encoders.
    There are quite a few posts in their forum about this issue which is totally ignored, problem has existed for over 2 years with no official response from arturia anywhere.
    when i raised the issue in support (which i have done 3 times now) all the respond with is, “this is a hardware problem, thanks for the feedback”
    hat kind of support is that, no eta on expected fix or even acknowledgment of the problem.
    Also had on tech support guy claiming he “I am just a lowly tech support agent, I have no hand in matters like this”
    why does someone like this even work there???
    So my conlusion i do like the microbrute but i ill not be supporting Arturia with any future purchases as they do not support me

  20. I spent about 10 minutes with one and generally liked the sounds and the matrix setup. Honestly, I found the knobs to feel like those of a cheap controller and hope Arturia considers using better interface components even if it raises the price by a hundred dollars or so.

  21. I had problems with Arturia Spark LE. I’ve been unable to register it so unlock the full Spark software. I think that was about a year ago and I wasn’t able to resolve it. I would be very hesitant to buy another Arturia product. Its a shame because as some have already mentioned they do innovate and come up with attractive products but their customer support is lacking.

  22. My Experiences:
    Microbrute – Arrived broken. As did the replacement. Gave up.
    Beatstep – Broken, they pretend like it doesn’t exist.
    Beatstep Pro – MIDI timing is broken, and has been since day 1, with no signs that they’re fixing it.

    Yeah, I’ll pass on their $2000 box.

  23. Even Moog Voyagers have problems (and cost much more than Matrixbrute), internal cards are bad and sooner or later many Voyagers have serious problems.

    1. I’d love to hear more about these “serious problems” that the Moog Voyagers develop over time.

      But in terms of Moog’s service, I, at least, get to talk to a real person every time I call their service number. They’re responsive, create RMA tickets and mostly keep you in the loop on the fix. I can’t say it’s been stellar service, but it’s pretty good. I bought a used Voyager Signature series, which had a known issue at the time (that they admitted) where one of the final amps were bad, so you get a crackly sound on all outputs. I called them and they’re paying for shipping back and doing the work for free (as long as I have some other service done to the unit – not 100% pleased with that answer necessarily, but better than sucking-up the whole cost since I’m not the original owner). And they also designed it, so I don’t have to ship the whole (heavy) synth back, just the analog card.

      1. The difference is that lots of synths can develop issues over time.

        Anything can, my Jeep, my heart, my nuts.

        Arturia shit is broken from day one and never fixed.

    2. I purchased a Moog Voyager XL for £4,000 shortly after it was released. A HUGE indulgence for me, and a dream to own a Moog, never mind this bad boy. Around 9 months later and minimal use ( I had not long become a father so had no music time) one of the oscillators stopped working. Moog fixed it within around 2 weeks, but around one month later it broke again. I refused to let it go back to get fixed and instead got a replacement. This one lasted around 18 months before also breaking. No sound at all this time. It got some main board replaced (sorry don’t recall the techy term), and so far it has been good. HOWEVER, if it breaks again, I will dread to think what the cost will be to both repair and ship this monster. Not what you expect when spending £4,000 on a synth! 🙁

      1. I had both the Voyager Performer SE and the Old School. PSE had a problem with the patch window returning to Glide setting when no edits were done. Old School VCF envelope Decay did not work properly. Moog fixed both and the contact with customer support was stellar. UPS totally trashed the Old School in getting it back from repair! Moog handled the claim after I did the proper online filing with UPS, fixed all at no cost to me. I no longer own either synth, wished I’d known about my lovely Vermona Perfourmer Mk II before buying either of them!

  24. In contrast to this i purchased a Moog Voyager which totally died. Shipped it to get repaired (which took 6 months!), replaced oscillator board. Less than a year after that, died again, repaired again, sold the unit. Less than a year after selling it the new owner told me it died once more.

    Moog only supplies a 12 month warranty if i remember correctly. Really disappointed.

    Won’t buy moog again. True story.

  25. I had a Minibrute for a while and loved it. It worked well. I also borrowed an Origin from a store and it worked well, though it wasn’t the right piece for me and I returned it. I know some people that bought their controllers and had problems with the keys and were not able to get them fixed so they sold them.

    I loved my Minibrute so I wanted to buy a few more dc adapters as a backup in the road. After weeks of the music store trying to order a pair from the manufacturer, the answer we eventually got was a flat out “no”.

    I ended up trading the Mini in towards some other high end gear, but I liked it. I was disappointed that I couldn’t order backup adapters. That’s the extent of my customer service with them.

    I think this synth looks amazing. I will check them out when they arrive. If they seem well built, I’ll probably get one. I may wait to see what the first owners have to say about reliability though.

  26. I hear what people say about Arturia’s customer service, and if they have half a brain, they will be reading everyone’s comments on Synthtopia and do something about the problems, those that there are. But I have to say, I’ve got a Minibrute and a Microbrute SE and I’ll sell them both and replace them with a Matrix Brute. This looks the business, and providing the price is not too much, its under my Christmas Tree for this year. This could be one of my main keyboards along with my Korg Kronos 88X, a Korg ARP Odyssey, and a MS-20 Mini and a Novation Ultranova. I then only have to add a Roland JD-XA and a Korg Minilogue and I’m happy… until next year’s NAMM, when I’m hoping that Korg do what they did not do this year and re-release the ARP 2600.

  27. Hi Everyone.

    I’m Edouard from Arturia Support.

    We are actually improving and amplifying our quality control day by day.

    We have a new quality manager since few month who have strongly handled things.

    -> The keybed issues have an extended warranty of 3 years (considering that the issue is not related to the usage precaution)
    Keybeds can even be sent at your home if you don’t want to separate from your unit for several days.

    -> About the hardware, huge bug fixes/ firmware updates are on the way with a top priority ressources allocation.

    -> And about support, our workforce has been doubled since last year, allowing to considerably reduce our response time.

    I hope that it is a reassuring answer.

    Have a nice week-end.


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