Social Entropy Engine Sequencer & CV Expansion Board At The 2016 NAMM Show

At the 2016 NAMM ShowSocial Entropy showed updates to its Engine hardware sequencer, and also introduced its new control voltage expansion board.

Here’s a video overview of the Engine sequencer from the NAMM Show floor, by designer John Kimble.


Social Entropy is known for their drop-in CPU mods that bring updated sequencing capabilities to the Roland 303 bassline synthesizer and the Roland 606 drum machine.

Engine is multitrack hardware sequencer, that builds on their experience with 303/606 sequencing, and is designed for creating both melodic and percussion patterns in a compact tabletop unit.

The Engine sequencer is priced at US $665. For more info, see the Social Entropy site.


8 thoughts on “Social Entropy Engine Sequencer & CV Expansion Board At The 2016 NAMM Show

  1. John Kimble and The Engine are great. I own a couple hardware sequencers and The Engine is great for quick drop-in/out ideas (it even has a randomizer button for those suffering from couch lock) as well as deeper workflow. A very versatile and rewarding sequencer. Nice to see the CV add on as well. Keep it up John!!!!

  2. 4 note poly for synth tracks is a big deal of an update! And a dedicated control type sequence is brilliant. Nice work @john (and team?).

    I don’t quite get why they can’t be 8 note poly though (since drum tracks are 8 notes).

    1. If and when it comes out. Pretty vague timeline. I’m about to give up hope, sell my engine, and pick up another when they do release the damn CV expansion. It’s a nice machine but midi is the worst.

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