Roland A-01 Hands-On Demo Videos

2016 NAMM Show: Roland shared this series of video demos that take a look at getting started with the new A-01 MIDI controller and 8-bit synthesizer.

The A-01 is one of the more surprising introductions at this year’s NAMM Show, because it offers a unique sound and a quirky collection of capabilities:

  • The A-01 is the same size as Roland’s Boutique synths, and can dock in the Boutique K-25m keyboard.
  • It’s a MIDI controller that works over full-size MIDI & USB.
  • It’s also a wireless Bluetooth LE controller.
  • It’s a unique 8-bit virtual analog synthesizer.
  • It’s also a step sequencer.
  • It’s got CV/Gate connectors, so it can control analog & modular gear.

For more info on the A-01, see the Roland site.

5 thoughts on “Roland A-01 Hands-On Demo Videos

    1. I actually think it´s quite an interesting approach, especially with the very limited hardware.
      It looks fun, a little bit like the volca arguably a little bit more powerfull because of the more direct editing approach.

    1. it is showing @ $399 not $599 – if it goes on sale or something I am really considering it because it has so much versatility in what it can do

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