Free iPad Software Synthesizer, Analog Synth X, Built With AudioKit 3.0


Analog Synth X is a new iPad synthesizer, developed by Matt Fecher, entirely with the new AudioKit 3.0 framework.

Analog Synth X is a 5-voice virtual analog polysynth, featuring dual morphable VCO oscillators.

It’s a free and open source synth. You can get the source code from the AudioKit website at


  • 5-Voice Virtual Analog Polysynth
  • Dual Morphable VCO Oscillators
  • Dedicated Sub Oscillator
  • FM Oscillator w/ Mod
  • Beautiful Sean Costello Reverb
  • Free-running LFO w/ 4 waveforms
  • Multi-tap (Ping-Pong) delay
  • 4-Pole Vintage Modeled Filter
  • ADSR Envelope
  • MIDI in for notes
  • Detune Oscillators by Semitone & Hz
  • Hold & Mono modes for keyboard
  • Noise generator
  • 8-Bit Crusher

Analog Synth X is a free download from the App Store.

27 thoughts on “Free iPad Software Synthesizer, Analog Synth X, Built With AudioKit 3.0

  1. Hey everyone! Matthew Fecher here, AudioKit team member and co-creator of this app. This is a huge honor to be featured on the Synthtopia site! Our purpose with creating this app is to help folks learn how to create audio/music software. The full source code to this app has been released on as open-source and you are free to use it to create your own synthesizer apps! Thanks for reading and checking it out! @goFecher

    1. I downloaded it, and it worked, but my question is about AudioKit…. I don’t get it… Is it an app, a program like max, a library for a programming language… I read your site, looked at github but I’m still confused.

      1. Hi Todd,
        It is a library to be used with one of Apple’s programming languages such as Swift or Objective-C. Folks will first need to know a little bit about how to make apps and their way around Xcode to use it. However, it will hopefully make working with audio much easier for those that are programmers. If you’re new to iOS development, I’d highly recommend learning Swift first before tackling AudioKit. Good Luck!

        Thanks for the question!

  2. Same here with an Ipad2/IOS 9, no Audio!
    Anyway, playgrounds runs marvelously well with xcode 7
    This framework is really cool, ultra easy to work with and sound good.
    A big Thanks to the AudioKit Team!

    1. Thanks for letting us know!! Open-source projects are always an evolving work in progress. We’ll see if we can’t iron that out! Here’s some devices we have tested the app store download in, that we know work:
      iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro. Thanks again!

  3. A list of devices that I don’t own:

    iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro

    The one I do own:

    iPad 2/ iOS 9.2.1

    Looking forward to playing with this when it gets fixed. I feel like I’m getting exactly what I’m paying for right now with Analog Synth X.

  4. Just tried it on an ipad 4 with ios 9.2 . No problems till now. Beautiful synth. Will update if i have any problems but till now it sounds good and is responsive so i guess it works.

    Thanks guys!

  5. Works okay here, iPad2, OS 9.2.1. Nice little synth, I like the combination of features.

    A preset system would be killer.

  6. Thanks everyone for checking it out and for your feedback! (Special thanks to those on iPad 2s, we appreciate your patience). We’re working on a new version as I type this. In the meantime, for those of you with it working, here’s some tips:

    Sound Tips for Analog Synth X:
    * You can get a pure Sine wave by (1) turning the Osc Mix to the left (2) turning off VCO1 (3) Turn the FM up!
    * Use the morph knob between square and pulse for basic PWM control.
    * The reverse saw LFO (the last wave setting on the LFO) can make a cool simulated note-repeat effect.
    * Turn the ADSR Release down to zero and turn the echo on to hear how the echo taps fire.

    For those of you with Xcode:
    * The sub is set to a sine wave for a more powerful bass tone. You can change it to a square if you’d like the synth to have more of a vintage feel. You can also experiment between -12/-24 settings. That’s a fun first exercise for getting in the code.
    * Try changing the preset knob bounds (minimum/maximum) in the SynthViewController file to extremes to play a synth with wild settings!

    Keep us posted on any apps you make with the code, we’d love to hear from you!

    You can follow us on Twitter at @AudiokitMan and @goFecher on Twitter for more updates and we will be sure to let Synthtopia know as well!

  7. Latest version of iOS and iPad 3 (or, officially, “iPad”) and unfortunately I can’t get any sound either. Closed all other background apps, restarted the machine, no dice. The oscilloscope seems to be working and other apps do make sounds.

      1. That’s why i say horsepower because i was wondering if something was wrong with my mini and when i open another simple synth app to check it was so distorted until i close off your app. SO I am guess fro it to process audio it needs some power to do it.
        Might want to put in a horsepower meter like i have seen on some other apps to check it.

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