Retrokits RK-002 For Korg Volca Sample

This video shows how you can control the Korg Volca Sample via MIDI using the RetroKits RK-002 cable. 

The RK-002 cable contains an embedded microcontroller, which maps the note-messages from a single incoming MIDI channel to the required ten separate Volca Sample channels.

Here’s a video demo:

The RetroKits RK-002 is available for US $40.


12 thoughts on “Retrokits RK-002 For Korg Volca Sample

  1. I’ve just purchased one, great product and nice support.

    Now I am able to control my Volca Sample with my BSP, yaaaay!:)

    1. sure. and as far as i can tell generally, there is very little (if not no) digital gear coming out that has individual outs since the real MPCs

  2. I have been unsuccessful mapping the re-002 with my midi to usb interface….can someone please help me configure ? I have a roland usb to midi cable what else do i need? Thank you for a novice

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