Cremacaffè Intros GoPocket Pocket Operator Traveller Bag

GoPocket is the dream companion of all Pocket Operator owners! It will keep your micro synths cozy and safe while you are on the move, unfolding in style only once at destination.

Cremacaffe has introduced the GoPocket case and holder for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator synthesizers.

Here’s their video intro:

The GoPocket is lightweight and carries three Pocket Operators at once. It’s designed to be easy to wash, is handmade and uses ‘repurposed fabrics’, so each one is unique.

The GoPocket is available now with a launch price of € 34,80. See the Cremacaffè site for details.

6 thoughts on “Cremacaffè Intros GoPocket Pocket Operator Traveller Bag

  1. what someone really needs to make is a cheap plastic case so that the buttons don’t press when you are traveling with it – I have been using a cheap camera case that kinda fits – but would love something that is actually sized for it

  2. First stock (silver finish) is sold out! Two new series are in the making, a preview of one of those new finish can be seen on our Instagram feed: You’ll also be happy to hear that there’s gonna be a special price-tag on it! As mentioned other times, we produce in small quantities so first come, first served. Follow us through your favorite social media! We will be sharing more news on the availability of the new GoPocket series soon.

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