Ray Wilson Of Music From Outer Space Shares Cancer Update

ray-wilson-music-from-outer-spaceAt the end of last year, synth DIY guru Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space shared that he is fighting Stage 4 cancer and that he could use the help of the synth community.

Yesterday evening, he shared this update, thanking the synth DIY community for its support, saying that MFOS will be closed for the foreseeable future and offering an update on his treatment:

I’m on a number of cancer fighting remedies in addition to the chemo. It is very difficult to gauge progress other than how I feel. Treatments are like battering rams to the system and thus it is only between them that you get a chance get your weight up, get your blood count up and try to keep a semblance of regularity made more difficult by anti-nausea meds. That is also when you get a chance to see how you “feel” better/worse.

Currently I’m on a minimum of pain meds, but still need them due to the discomfort that comes on after too long without them. I’m doing yoga as much as possible to stay limber because I’m getting way less exercise than normal. You have to balance getting enough exercise to keep your blood moving with not burning too many calories because the invader is stealing energy 24/7. I’m taking short walks around the neighborhood when I have the energy and the weather cooperates along with my jug of Kangen water tuned up to 9.5.

After the next round of chemo we do a CT scan and it will let us know which direction things are headed. I’m of course hopeful of positive results and will not let the lack thereof knock me out of the battle.

This thing came on over a long period as I look back. Low energy and persistent back pain were signs I ignored for a long time. I can hope for but don’t expect a miracle and thus I’m committed to continuing the current regime and looking for all signs of improvement physically, spiritually and emotionally. I have low energy but I feel half decent (at this point I’ll take half decent).

I’m not going to make the mistake of trying to come back too soon. I’ll be anxious to hear the results of the upcoming CT scan. I’m hanging in there, spending the day taking care of myself and hoping for any and all signs of progress. I’m distracting myself by watching the world news and campaign craziness oh and of course cat videos (but only if they’re good…). I’m getting pummeled in on-line scrabble and eating as much as I can to try and get my weight up.

So that’s the scoop – hope it wasn’t TMI.

My family and I want to thank you again for the kindness and gifts we have received from our friends in the synth-diy community, the yoga community, the fitness community and our family. Your kindness has made a really bad situation into an inspiring story and we won’t forget it.

I don’t foresee opening MFOS in the near future and still don’t have enough energy to talk about mergers/acquisitions etc. although I appreciate the sentiment and kindness of those who have inquired.

And I really mean this… “Keep imagining, keep inventing, stay ingenious!” Cheers all.

If you’d like to help Wilson and his family out, you can contribute to a¬†GoFundMe campaign to help him and his family to deal with medical expenses and loss of income.

4 thoughts on “Ray Wilson Of Music From Outer Space Shares Cancer Update

  1. What a nice (and candid) look into his current state. It’s awesome to see him stay so positive through it all. It’s that kind of spirit that leads to winning the fight. I hope he beats this, so more people can hear his story.

  2. i am a hoping a company like synthrotek could buy MFOS..
    i think i could lead to a rebirth , much like synthrotek’s current product line with George Mattson. while free up some much needed cash for RAY in these hard times

    best of luck RAY

  3. Hope you’re getting better Ray! Just got your book ‘Make Analog Synthesizers’ and I’m loving it so far. Thanks for imparting your knowledge and experience to us all. wishing you all the best..

    -Suzy x

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