Electronic Music Works Intros Multiwave Digital Oscillator Euro Module

Electronic Music Works has introduced the Multiwave Digital Oscillator Eurorack module – a MIDI controlled oscillator with 40 waveforms in the main osc. section + 8 sub-osc. waveforms.

It uses a multi-algorithm structure to produce very dynamic waveforms, with CV control over many key parameters. Spread over the 40 internal waves there are synthesis methods like wavetable modulation, FM, wave distortion, formant shifting, timbre stretching and windowed sync. This allows the module to create a large timbral palette.

It’s priced at US $294. See the EMW site for more info.

10 thoughts on “Electronic Music Works Intros Multiwave Digital Oscillator Euro Module

        1. OK, agreed… this make things very easy and simple, so we don’t need to use different brands and models to create different sounds. Interesting idea. Very nice. : )

    1. It has CV inputs for frequency modulation and for waveform modulation, which depending on the selected algorithm (sound), will produce a different result.

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