Elektron Machinedrum, Monomachine Get Price Cuts

Elektron has announced permanent price cuts to the Machinedrum UW, Machinedrum and Monomachine.

“Our shelves contain too many Machinedrums and Monomachines. Simply put, we are a tad over-stocked,” they note.  “To remedy this we permanently lower the prices for these venerable machines.”

The new prices are:

  • Machinedrum UW: 1099 € | 999 USD (no TM-1 MIDI interface bundled)
  • Machinedrum: 699 € | 599 USD
  • Monomachine: 899 € | 799 USD

Elektron adds, “To put any doubts to rest it is important to stress that the price reduction is not because of any successors being on the horizon. Also, let us remember that the Machinedrum and Monomachine won’t be around forever.”

See the Elektron site for details.

36 thoughts on “Elektron Machinedrum, Monomachine Get Price Cuts

    1. For what you can do with a Machinedrum, the ~ $100 to $200 dollar difference between this and any other “pro” or advanced drum machine does not really compare at all. The TR 8, which is really just not that programmable, is $499 new right now. You can spend $100 bucks more and get a brand new Machinedrum that can do all the TR style drum synthesis stuff, it may not be as true to 80’s TR form but it has lot more sonic possibility within that synthesis realm. And that’s just one of many ways that it can make sound. Anyway, buy what ever makes up happy, all gear is fun and useable, but I had to go to bat for elektron on this one, they just changed the face of the affordable hardware drum machine market with this move.

  1. Getting a brand new Machinedrum for 600 USD is an insane deal O.O I mean that’s a hundred bucks more than the TR-8 which is limited beyond compare (Although still great fun and great sounding). That is awesome news! These machines have so much to offer.

  2. Wow! I’m in! I’ve been considering the machinedrum for some time now. These things were never overpriced. Once you get an elektron, you understand the reason for the cost.

  3. I hope I can find some money and buy at least the ELECTRON MD !!!!!!!
    I ALWAYS think about buying one of those amazing drum machines!

    1. i’ve been looking at used MPC1000 for a while and these days it is difficult to get them below 600€ / $700 when in ok state and with JJOS etc.

  4. One thing I don’t like about the Machinedrum is that the users have be ignored. The bug list (Look at elektronauts) is long and the devices’ OS have not been updated for many years.

    1. Sorry, but you’re not right. There a few bugs, but they aren’t terrible. And, the machine is more than ten years old now You’re not going to get endless updates for the rest of your life!

  5. Dear Elektron: none of these machines shown above are being sold at discounted prices in JAPAN. What is up with that? Is Elektron Japan a whole separate company all together? I had credit card out n ready until….130,000 yen for a Machine Drum (roughly 13 big ones). Seriously though, what is up with that?

      1. Hehe. Not too mention longevity. That iPad will be out of date in a few years if you want keep up with the OS updates and software. So the price of the iPad itself is a recurring purchase.

    1. You know, there is a synthesis engine on Monomachine that allows to make sounds very similar to the Nokia 1100 ringtone. There’s nothing in that sound that can’t be achieved with a Nokia 1100.

      Still, despite 1100 being a bargain that it is, there’s been period in my life when I wanted to dump it for an iPad, because it has more computing power. However, my tests (multiplying 256 by 256 in calculafor) didn’t show its superiority — in fact it was on par with 1100.

      Caveat Emptor!

    2. Those two boxes are absolutely amazing, even ten years on. I don’t think a lot of people underestimate what those boxes can do and are like to work with. It’s also important to note how great those two boxes are for controlling and sequencing external gear – a huge feature.

      I’ll just say this: I bought a Monomachine three years ago thinking it would just be a fun jam box to use on occasions when I didn’t want to sit at my computer to make music. Well, three years later and I think I’ve opened my DAW once or twice since, and now own three Elektron boxes plus some other hardware. And I’ve purchases a slew of iPad apps that almost never get used (touch screens suck), unless it’s for feeding my hardware!

    3. Well actually, you would need:
      – iPad
      – 2 audio inputs which can also accept trigger inputs
      – 6 audio outputs
      – MIDI In/Out/Thru

      So it would cost the same.

  6. Beste Drummachine ever.

    Ten years of almost daily use, not a single problem. I´d recommend the UW version, it adds so much more possibilities and the resampling does something magic to the kicks.

    1. a very good question, sweden has cut further in to negative interest rates which should devalue the krona making its exports cheaper, but this intern could lead to the euro doing the same. the so called currency wars in early stages.
      but i think over supply is the most likely reason, their is an argument to sit on your money and see if they will cut further, also this should have an effect on the second hand market too.


  7. 1 euro equals 1.135 usd…shouldn’t that make the prizes less in euro than in dollars? Especially considering Elektron is a swedish based company.

  8. The Monomachine has been at the heart of my Out of the Box set up or 5 years now.
    Synced up with my MPC 1K JJOS. Best investments I ever made.

  9. $600 for a machinedrum without sampling. Wow, never thought I would see the day, that is pretty tempting. Its funny I went to their website and saw it today and noticed it, I had no idea when/why did it…

  10. Last night, I PAID for the MD/MM stack at PERFECT CIRCUIT AUIDIO, & they refunded my my money saying they couldn’t find it in their warehouse, offering up to remind me when they got it back in stock. Hmm…Y’all are lucky who got a head start.

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