Free Music Friday: Rupert Lally’s ‘Day One’

Free Music Friday: Synthesist Ruper Lally has released an album of compositions, Day One, created almost entirely with a small Eurorack modular system, as a ‘Name your price’ release.

The title track is a 24 minute piece, created for Canadian Radio station CiTR’s 24 Hours Of Radio Art Day, loosely based around the concept of an astronaut stranded on an alien planet for 24 hours. The music has nods towards retro sci-fi soundtracks, like those of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, but also more modern soundtracks. Lally notes Brian Reitzell’s score for the “Hannibal” tv series was also an inspiration.

The release also features 3 other live modular tracks from the same sessions. It’s available via Bandcamp.

Here’s a short “making of video” talking about the modular system used for the album:

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